Little Man, Big Impact

The Cavs got the job done versus the Portland Trail Blazers on Tuesday night with a 127-110 win, but the biggest story line for the Wine and Gold was the return of Isaiah Thomas. Although Isaiah didn’t have a crazy impact for the Cavs, he made his presence shown with his well known, elite scoring. Thomas scored 17 points, while going 6/12 shooting, and a well needed 3/8 from outside the arc. Coach Lue obviously had a minute limit on Isaiah, but he finally showed why he was an All-Star player, while at Boston.

With very minimal minutes, Isaiah could show the flashes of brilliance Boston fans learned to love, but most importantly, he showed that he could be the consistent three-point shooter the Cavs have been looking for. Overall, Kyle Korver, and usually, Kevin Love, have been the only consistent three-point threats for the Cavaliers this year; which was beginning to become a problem against talented teams. For example, on Christmas Day, the Cavs were pitted against their west coast rival, the Golden State Warriors, and really lacked any three point shooting. Discounting Kevin Love, and Jae Crowder, who has begun to play much better, the Cavs really struggled to get anything going from the outside, and fell to the Warriors while looking very under matched. With Isaiah soon to be placed in the starting lineup, the Cavs can look to another player to make threes when Love and Korver are off the court.

Tonight Cleveland played a solid game against Portland, scoring the ball at will, and exploiting a weak Portland defense. The Cavs will need to defend better tomorrow as they go up against the first place Celtics in a battle for East Coast supremacy.


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