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The Browns season has finally wrapped up and there’s not much to really talk about. For positives… it was 16 games long, and they didn’t miss a single one! But honestly, at times the defense did look strong, and did a great job at stifling teams all year. On the other side of the ball, the Browns had flashes of brilliance from Josh Gordon and Duke Johnson, but these moments were trumped by the incompetence from ownership, coaching, and the quarterback position. I could go on for hours about how horrendous Deshone Kizer’s performance was. Kizer finished 28th in Total QBR with a rating of 29.5. On the other end of the spectrum, the Eagles’ Carson Wentz lead the NFL with a rating of 75.8, but he wasn’t good enough for the Browns to draft. Finally, Kizer finished 24th in total passing yards, and lead the NFL in one category…. Interceptions. Kizer was absolutely terrible, breaking many negative records, and will need a complete article to go over all of the disastrous things he’s accomplished. But for now, let’s talk about the Browns “Perfect Season Parade”.

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“Eric Sandy” Cleveland Scene

Twitter celebrity, Chris McNeil, more well known by his Twitter username @Reflog_18, has created the “Perfect Season Parade 2.0” as a charity event for the Cleveland Food Bank. For the past two seasons, McNeil has scheduled a parade around the stadium if the Browns go 0-16. If the Browns win or tie at least one game, the parade is off and all money raised on his Go-Fund Me account will be donated to the Cleveland Food Bank. The Browns managed to win one on Christmas Eve last season, but this season they would not be so lucky. The Browns lost Every. Single. Game this season, and finished with the infamous record of 0-16, meaning the parade is on, and I’m all for it. The Haslam ownership era has been a complete joke, never looking like there is EVER a sense of urgency to turn this team around. We the fans, have been sick and tired of the garbage put out each season disguised as a professional football team, and this parade will show our disapproval. People opposed to the parade are calling fans, unloyal or disrespectful, but what else are we supposed to do? Fans aren’t storming the field, or not watching the games; we’re protesting the distasteful play on the field. This parade could have been stopped with a tie. A tie! If the owners can’t do that then they do not deserve our respect as fans.


As always, GO BROWNS!


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