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Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan was the site of the lowest low for recent Cavaliers basketball. Only five minutes into the game Kevin Love cracked his hand into Andre Drummond, making him writhe in pain. Love would leave the game to go get x-rays on his hand. Then the worst happened, not only did the Cavs lose 125-114, they found out Kevin Love would be out for the next two months with a broken hand. Keeping this in mind, something has to change for the Cavs if they want a shot to not only beat the Warriors, but the Celtics as well.

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The Cavs are sitting at 30-20, third in the conference, and only a 1.5 game lead over the Heat. Right now, the Cavs are dead last in the NBA for defense rating, in large part due to lack of effort. In addition, the Cavs also lack any pressure on opposing guards, and have no paint presence whatsoever. The best part about this problem, there’s a team out there who can easily solve this problem for us. THE LA CLIPPERS.

Lou Williams:

If you told me at the beginning of the year Lou Williams would be a front runner for sixth man of the year, I would have bought that; but if you told me Williams would be an absolute snub from the All Star game, I’d probably laugh hysterically. Lou is a career 13pts 2reb 3ast bench player, but this year he’s been lights out. Half way through the season he is averaging 23pts 3reb and 5ast. Those numbers are outstanding, and would easily out do anything JR Smith has accomplished this year. Williams has also done well on defense, while JR seems to hardly give any effort on that side of the court.

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Deandre Jordan:

You know exactly what your getting with Deandre. Big, Physical, Aggressive. Those are just a few words to describe Deandre Jordan. On the downside, he has no shooting capabilities and at times, teams take advantage of his horrible free throw shooting, sending him to the line for possessions on end. But for what Jordan lacks, he easily makes up for it in other assets of his game. He snags over 14 rebounds and scores close to 15 points a game, seeming to dominate opposing centers at times. Deandre will be a beast in the paint and will be an immense help to a struggling defense, giving the Cavs a true center for the first time since Zydrunas Ilgauskas.

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Without a change in Cleveland, the Cavs have no chance at all for a championship run; but adding two prolific scorers into the mix will give the Warriors immense amounts of trouble. The Jazz and Pelicans have drawn up the diagram to stop the Warriors: dominate the mismatches with your big men, and make them shoot contested threes. Without both of these scenarios, Golden State realistically becomes unbeatable in a seven game series. Something has to change.


As Always, GO CAVS!

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