What the Browns Should Do With 2018 Quarterback Class

Joe Draime

The 2018 quarterback class is the most intriguing that I have ever evaluated. Of the four top dogs, there is not one “can’t miss prospect”. But, they all have traits that can make them future superstars in the NFL game. All of the stereotypes are alive: “The Finished Product”, “The All Arounder”, “The Competitor”, “The Small School Underdog”, etc.

Let’s start with the supposed “Finished Product”…

Josh Rosen, UCLAStanding at 6’4 and weighing 226 lbs, Josh Rosen is seen as the most NFL ready. He is a big man and he throws a beautiful ball. The cerebral aspects of his game are reminiscent of Andrew Luck, and he has all of the physical tools. Rosen has had injury concerns, as well as consistency issues. In addition, he also has an abrasive personality, which could lead to conflicts with the media and locker room.

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The next guy is viewed as “The All Arounder”…

Sam Darnold, USCThe 6’4 225 lbs signal caller is considered by many to be the most well rounded quarterback in the draft. Darnold has all of the physical tools you could ever want. He is a tremendous athlete who can extend plays, and he can make all of the throws. Darnold struggled at times in the 2017 season. He was very turnover prone, which could be attributed to him trying to do too much at times. Also, he has an elongated release which will need to be fine tuned.

Next comes “The Competitor”…

Baker Mayfield, OklahomaThe 2017 Heisman Trophy winner stands at a stout 6’0 216 lbs. But, what he lacks in prototypical size, he makes up for with an ultra-competitive spirit. Mayfield will not wow you with his physical ability, but he is a bonafide play maker, who plays with enough moxie to fuel a team. As previously stated, he is lacking in the physical department, but he is an elite athlete who can learn to play in the NFL. His style reminds a lot of people of Johnny Manziel, but I believe he is more talented and better suited for the NFL game.

And finally- “The Small School Underdog”…

Josh Allen, Wyoming- Standing at 6’5 237 lbs, Allen is one of the most talented quarterbacks I have ever seen. He is a big, strong, powerful athlete, with the strongest arm in the last decade to enter the draft. When he is on his game, he makes absolutely jaw dropping throws, and he is without question the best quarterback in the class. However, the key phrase in the previous statement is “when he is on his game”. Over the past two seasons, Allen frustrated everyone by looking like a future All-Pro and downright inept. He has struggled with accuracy and anticipation, and he made a lot of head scratching decisions in 2017. He has all of the traits of an elite signal caller, but also the traits of an incredible bust.

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What the Browns will do- I have been firm in my belief that the Browns will take Sam Darnold, but after the Combine…I’m still firm that they will take Darnold. I believe the Browns view Darnold as the best combination of the top four guys. He is a proven leader with the physical tools to be an excellent pro. He also has the potential to fail miserably, but then again, so do the others. Do not be surprised to hear Darnold’s name called at pick one or four.

As Always, GO BROWNS

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