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Drew Thirion

No, he wouldn’t… right?

First off, I don’t think LeBron will go anywhere in the off-season. The rosters in Los Angeles don’t look very good, and Chris Paul and James Harden need too many touches in Houston. Also, Rockets head coach, Mike D’Antoni, has a very specified offense and it will be far too fast paced for someone who slows the tempo like LeBron. All of the popular locations just don’t seem right for the king. With that being said, would Philly realistically be the best option for LeBron?

For the past couple of years, the 76ers have been calling themselves “The Process” due to their slow, but seemingly successful rebuild project. Philadelphia has all the pieces for success now, and in the long run. Dario Saric, T.J. McConnell, Robert Covington, Markelle Fultz, Ben Simmons and of course The Process himself, Joel Embiid, are all young players with insane potential, making the 76ers a future title contender. If you add Lebron to this bunch of players, they become immediate title competitors, and Philly knows that too.

The LeBron to Philly rumors have really heated up due to some controversy this past week. A fanatic 76ers’ fan really wants the King to take his throne to Philly and “Complete the Process”.

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If LeBron leaves the Cavs, at least this move would make sense. Philadelphia needs a veteran leader to start guiding them now, and develop them for the future. LeBron does both of these tasks for Philly, and he basically admitted that this week during an in practice interview. The King always likes to stir up some drama… and boy did he do that. During the interview, LeBron was asked his opinion on the new billboards and his thoughts on Philadelphia. Instead of shooting down talks of the offseason, James responds with: “The billboards? They aren’t a distraction. They’re flattering.”

JUST LIE, SAY SOMETHING ELSE, I DON’T CARE! Responding to the media like this just keeps them incessantly berating you with pointless questions ramblings. And of course, LeBron always makes the bad worse. At the end of the first quarter during a recent game against Philadelphia, Joel Embiid, a key LeBron recruiter, was joking around and laughing while walking to the bench with James. Aaaand don’t get ahead of yourself it doesn’t end there! King James took to Instagram after the game and posted pictures of Ben Simmons and himself battling it out. That would be fine wouldn’t it? He trained with Simmons during the offseason. Nope. LeBron congratulated Simmons and the 76ers, calling Simmons “the next King”, and praising the work of “The Process”. Don’t you just love LeBron?

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So to sum everything up…. this means jack squat. LeBron loves attention and always finds his way into the spotlight. Thank goodness this man is great at basketball because he LOVES drama way too much for me. Don’t be surprised to see LeBron dressed in wine and gold come next season.

As Always, GO CAVS!

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