Cavs vs. Pacers Rant

Joe Draime

It’s time for some tough love, the Cleveland Cavaliers suck at big game basketball. Period. The day began with nothing but hype and we were told how this team was going to run through the East. Instead, we watched as they scored 80 points, shot 38% from the field, and turned the ball over 17 times. The Pacers were unquestionably the better team.

Once the Cavs realized the game had started they were already in a 33 to 14 hole. There were moments where it looked like they could stage a comeback. But those were repeatedly vanquished by a three pointer or a steal from Victor Oladipo. When it was all said and done, the Cavs had fallen 98-80, in a good ole’ medieval a** kicking. And we as fans were left staring at our television screens in both horror and disgust.

LeBron James’ stat line was aesthetically pleasing with 24 points, 12 assists, and 10 rebounds. But, his defensive performance left a lot to be desired, his shot selection was questionable, and he could not buy a bucket from three. At times it felt like Indiana had a sixth guy shadowing him. Point blank, LeBron needs to up his game. The fact we are being told that he is better than Jordan is almost laughable.

Image: (Joshua Gunter)

In addition to LeBron’s struggles, the rest of the team looked like they were in a bath salt induced zombie state. All they did was spread pain, disgust, and agony to anyone watching. Why is Jeff Green on the floor? What value does he have? We just watched this man play score zero points and play abysmal defense. And how about Tristan Thompson? The 80 million dollar man (and Kardashian victim) played exactly two minutes of basketball and recorded one rebound. ONE REBOUND. I hope he saved his money, because he will not be finding a new employer once his contract is up.

It does not look good for this team. Will they win the series? Maybe. Will they get swept if they keep playing like this? Absolutely. Will they win the Finals this year? Hell no. Everyone saddle up, we have a vomit inducing ride ahead of us.

As Always, GO CAVS

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