Dumpster Fire

Have you ever pitched college baseball?

Have you ever pitched high school baseball?

Have you ever pitched for your Little League Team?

Have you ever held a baseball in your hands?

Well if you answered yes or no to any of these questions, congrats, you’re just as qualified as the entire Indians bullpen!

This season has been so difficult for devoted fans like myself. Most Cleveland fans live by a “fair weather” motto. They watch the Tribe when they’re on a 21 game win streak, bail on them when they’re inconsistent. AND OH BOY are these guys inconsistent.

Okay, that’s actually lie. The starting rotation has once again been one of, if not the best in the majors. Corey Kluber is in an intense competition for a third Cy Young, Trevor Bauer has become a bona fide All Star, Carlos Carrasco and Mike Clevinger are some of the best 3 and 4 starters in the majors, and Adam Plutko has done a very solid job in his first three starts since coming up from AAA Columbus. Not only have the starters been great, the bats have been flaming hot. The Tribe have knocked in four or more runs in 5 out of there last 10 games and lead the MLB in runs per game in May (6 runs); furthermore, Francisco Lindor, Michael Brantley, and Jose Ramirez should all be in contention for a MVP.

Image: (Chuck Crow)

Well, when you look over all of this, and considered the fact that the Indians play in the worst possible division in baseball, you wonder: how the heck are they only 27-25? Oh yeah… we have Cody Allen and 9 other guys from your local YMCA coming out of the bullpen.

I tend to exaggerate a lot when I’m angry at the Indians, but this is a joke, and while I’m on the topic of jokes, let’s take a look at our bullpen’s ERA…. 6.17. SIX POINT ONE SEVEN. The Indians have the worst relievers in baseball and it’s not even a competition. Only three teams in baseball have bullpens with ERA’s over 5. Kansas City (5.19), Miami (5.79) and of course, our beloved Tribe. It also doesn’t help too much that Andrew Miller can’t seem to stay out of the hospital for more than a day or two at time. Miller has checked back onto the Disabled List for the second time this season, stretching the the abilities of our bullpen down to nothingness.

The worst part about the bullpen’s struggles is how spoiled Tribe fans have been with their relievers of recent. Since 2015, Indians relievers have been inside the top 7 in total ERA every single year. Something needs to change, and fast, in order to play deep into October this season. It’s about time for the Dolan’s to call a fireman to put out the dumpster fire that sits behind the center field wall.

As Always, GO TRIBE

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Featured Image: (Chuck Crow)

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