Why Nobody Should Like the Warriors

Well, well, well look what we have here. In a “stunning” turn of events, the NBA is predictable. Cavs vs Warriors part IV. The people running ESPN have been trying to convince NBA fans since November that we’d be seeing a different match up this June, and not so shockingly, they were wrong. In January, ESPN made a post on social media saying that the Cavs had a 0.2% chance to win the finals this year, and the Warriors had a 32.2% chance, only the second highest percentage behind the Houston Rockets (34.1%). Honestly, ESPN should have made one correct prediction, but the Warriors caught ANOTHER break.

The Warriors might go down as the greatest NBA dynasty of all time, but they will also be known for having the most tainted champions. Let’s go back in time to 2015, the first installment of this bitter rivalry. On one side, rookie head Coach David Blatt led his Cavaliers to their second ever Finals appearance, and in the West, the Warriors blasted their way to the NBA Finals behind Steve Kerr’s new style, run and gun offense. Golden State had no problems reaching their first Finals since 1976, but that wasn’t the case for Cleveland, losing Kevin Love for the season on a dirty Kelly Olynyk arm tug. The Finals got under way and Kyrie had just gotten a clutch last second block to send the game to overtime; however, during the extra time, Irving collided knees with Klay Thompson, side lining him until December of the following year. LeBron decided to do LeBron like things to make the series go 6 games, but he didn’t have enough firepower to make it past the onslaught of Warrior threes.

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No teams suffered any casualties in 2016, and the Warriors had a catastrophic choke, blowing a 3-1 lead, bringing a championship back to Cleveland for the first time in 52 years.

After a crushing loss in game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals, Draymond Green got back in his car and made a call changing the landscape of the NBA forever. Through a tear filled voice, Green begged Kevin Durant to join a NBA record breaking 73-9 team and make an unstoppable super team. This 2017 squad rolled through the regular season and didn’t meet a real challenge until the Western Conference Finals. In game 1, the San Antonio Spurs came out of the gates and bludgeoned the Warriors taking a 25 point lead into the third quarter, then disaster struck. Warriors Center, Zaza Pachulia, “accidentally” landed on the foot of Kawhi Leonard, ending his season, and the Spurs chances of pulling off the unlikely upset. Golden State would go on to win the championship over the Cavs in 5 games.

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2018 has arrived and I didn’t think there was any team that could dethrone this Warriors powerhouse in the West. Then the Rockets came around. Chris Paul had finally made it to the WCF, and he was in a prime condition to make his first ever championship, then the Warriors caught a break again. The Rockets held a 3-2 lead, and were shutting down the Warriors high powered offense, then Chris Paul came down with the crappiest injury. He had a minor hamstring strain, knocking him out of the WCF finals, letting the Warriors win in a up and down game 7.

Not only do the Warriors face watered down contenders, the always have the refs on their side. LeBron James is known for his complaining, but does he have good reason too? Well… yeah. LeBron has ranked in the top 5 of missed calls against him over the past 4 season, and has ranked first in that same category during the playoffs. During the 2015 postseason, the Cavaliers broke the record for most missed calls against in a normal 7 game series… and it only went 6 games (NBA Referee Association). The Cavs had to manage not having two of their star players, AND they had horrible referees. So easy to hate this Warriors team.

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The Cavs are healthy and have LeBron James, so no matter who they play they will always have a chance. He can’t do everything by himself and the Cavs role players need to step it up to beat this super team, but… Cavs in 4.

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