NBA Finals Game 2 Preview

Joe Draime

Snap Draymond Green’s leg and win the game. Please.

After the Cavs inexplicable game 1 loss, everyone seemed to be asking similar questions, such as “Why God?”, “What the f*** JR?”, and “How can they possibly win a game?” Don’t worry. I am here to help. I am here to bring closure to everyone so we can move on.

The Cavs were horribly screwed. I repeat, HORRIBLY SCREWED in game 1 by pretty much everyone. LeBron is essentially playing against three All Stars, three referees, the NBA, JR Smith, Jordan Clarkson, and George Hill. Somehow, the man put up 51 points and lost. That has never happened before, and he has all of those gentlemen to thank for the impressive feat.

Image: (Marvin Fong)

There are three big keys for the Cavs as they try and right the ship. First, LeBron needs to produce like he did in game 1. Second, Kevin Love needs to put up 20 points and 10 rebounds, and they must limit shoot well from the perimeter as a team. Third, they need to play angry for the entire game. They cannot allow the energy to get zapped after the crushing loss.

If they can do all of those things, they are very much alive. I do believe Golden State is better, but if the Cavs play at the top of their game they can maybe pull this one off and then it is back to Cleveland.

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Featured Image: (Marvin Fong)

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