Next Year is Our Year

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“Next year is our year.” The most famous quote heard by Cleveland Browns fans from the halfway point in a season, all the way up to the next preseason. NFL fans are tired of hearing it. Browns fans are tired of saying and believing in it, when it never turns out; however, this is the year that has the whole NFL very intrigued by those words from Browns fans.

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There has been some immense additions through free agency, trades, and the draft. These additions are why the whole NFL believes that this could be our year. Throughout the offseason the Browns added some big time names and some great role players that will mesh this team together. Their offense is going to take a serious jump to one that has been in the bottom of the league for many years to one that should be top 10 for sure. The Browns may have one of the best receiving corps in the league. Defenses are gonna hate playing the Browns since they have 2 players that you want to double every play in Jarvis Landry and Josh Gordon. Then you still have to find a way to cover David Njoku, Corey Coleman, and Antonio Callaway. Then you still have to keep Tyrod Taylor and Baker Mayfield (hopefully not this year) in the pocket and stop the 3 headed monster in the backfield of Nick Chubb, Duke Johnson, and Carlos Hyde.

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Generally for the Browns the defense is the strong suit, but last year it was as ugly as the offense for the most part. They also added to their front seven that was already strong with Mychal Kendricks. Also, hopefully we can get full seasons from two stars in Myles Garrett and Jamie Collins. This year the secondary should have the pieces so the corners will not have to play 15 yards off the line of scrimmage and the safeties 30 yards back. They picked up Denzel Ward, TJ Carrie, EJ Gaines, Terrance Mitchell, and Damarious Randall. These players can make the Cleveland Browns a team that will be tough to pass against. They are already a team that is tough to run against, but now with the additions it seems like we can have back the “lockdown on the lake” years when we had TJ Ward, Taj Gipson, Joe Haden, and Buster Skrine. All players who played great for us and are now playing with other organizations. Not only have we updated the players on the field, but we also made the change to our staff. This change was surprisingly not the head coach with a 1-31 record. The Browns fired the Moneyball/analytics and hired a big time football guy in John Dorsey to be their General Manager. This was the key factor that turned a team winning 1 game in its past 2 seasons, to a team making moves for big time players. They also signed an offensive coordinator in Todd Haley. Thank god the Browns finally got the calls out Hue’s hands because I know I was not the only Browns fan saying “that was such a dumb play call” when he calls a HB Draw on 3rd and 8.

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Throughout the major additions in the staff and players, this should finally be the Cleveland Browns year to do something. As fans, after all these improvements we are not just looking for improvement, which would only be 1 win since last year…I don’t even wanna say how many they had last year. Us Browns fans are looking for a playoff appearance, one that has not happened since 2002, which is the longest playoff drought in the NFL by 5 seasons. We have not had a winning season since 2006. This can and should be the year that both of those stats should change. I always try and look at the positive as a Cleveland Browns fan and every year it seems to get harder and harder. This year it’s easy to look at the positive throughout the off-season. The hard thing is to find the negative which is generally a problem for the Browns. We definitely won this off-season, but that is very easy to do to a team with 1 win in the past 2 seasons. There is no where to go but up especially for the Browns. I have been saying this since I have been in the womb I swear, but I think this “next season is our year.”

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