The Sports Holy Grail: MLB Golden Ticket

Drew Thirion

While wasting many hours of my life scrolling through Instagram, I came across a picture on the account @mlbmemes. The picture showed a gold plated card, and it read: “Major Leagues of Professional Baseball Presents This Lifetime Pass”, (the name of the recipient was scratched out) and it was signed by the commissioner of the MLB, Rob Manfred. I thought to myself… “yeah right, NO WAAAAY that’s real.” So I took to Google to search if the Golden Ticket was real, and if it was… HOW DO I GET ONE!

The thing is real. I probably won’t ever get one, but it sure is real. I’m in awe that I’ve lived for almost eighteen years and this is the first time I’ve ever heard of it. Had I known about this ten years ago, that’s all I would be striving for in life. Everything I would have done would be working towards getting free tickets to any baseball game. I would follow the Indians everywhere they go, and just walk into any stadium for free and watch them play.

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I’d imagine any person who has received this goes to about countless games a year… well it seems I’m wrong again. Actually, the first person to ever receive the Golden Ticket never used it. The  National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues gave out their first ticket to Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt hated the slow pace of play in baseball and never used his pass. (At that time, it only worked for National League games anyways, so he probably hated that there was no Designated Hitter.) I never disliked Teddy Roosevelt, but man do I hate him now. This man was gifted with the Holy Grail of baseball fandom, and he basically threw it away. Roosevelt didn’t use the pass one time. ONE TIME!

My odds of ever acquiring this pass are extraordinarily low, but there’s still a possibility. There’s two main routes to get the pass. One, play eight years of professional baseball; or two, work twenty-five years in an MLB front office. Due to the fact that I lack any athletic capabilities in the field of baseball, I find it HIGHLY unlikely I make it out to any professional baseball diamond. Option number two is difficult, but possible. They give passes out to any front office MLB worker, and that goes all the way down to team salesmen. I just have to be a salesman for twenty-five years? After, I can retire with more joy than I could ever think of.

So what have I learned over the past week? If you waste hours of your life scrolling through Instagram, you might actually run into something quite interesting.

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