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Drew Thirion

A few days have passed since LeBron took his talents out of Cleveland once again, and I’ve had a little time to sit on his decision. It’s only been four days, yet my mindset hasn’t really changed. This decision makes no sense! James has absolutely no chance of winning with the Lakers.

The entire Western Conference is absolutely loaded. By themselves, the Warriors starting lineup is better than the Eastern Conference All-Stars. In a 7 game series, the Lakers wouldn’t even take a single game from the Warriors as of right now. And even if they acquire Kawhi Leonard, they still need more pieces to become a competitor.

Even with the addition of LeBron, the Lakers are only the third or fourth best team in the West. The Warriors already won next year’s Finals and it’s only July. Houston could maybe steal a game or two from Golden State, and with another year under their belts, Westbrook and Paul George could gel as a dynamic duo for OKC. That’s not even considering the young and up-in-coming teams like the Jazz, Nuggets, Pelicans, Trail Blazers, and Suns, who would all be top tier teams in the underwhelming Eastern Conference. Other than MAYBE the Celtics and 76ers, the East stinks.

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Don’t get me wrong I’m grateful for everything LeBron has done for the Cleveland and Akron areas. He’s donated millions to charities, helped thousands of kids through college, revitalized the nightlife in downtown Cleveland, and most importantly, he broke the curse; however, he seems like such a hypocrite.

LeBron talks like he’s just this kid from Akron. He even wore a shirt to the World Series saying “Cleveland or Nowhere”. Obviously not! Once the going got tough, he ditched Cleveland once again. This didn’t hurt as badly as his trip to South Beach, but this one is really sticking with me. Everytime he leaves a team, it just keeps hurting his legacy. LeBron ditches his team when he can’t win anymore. He definitely doesn’t live like a true Clevelander, because when the going gets tough for us, we get tougher.

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