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LET’S GO BABY! Chris Antonetti has done it again and acquired another piece to bolster a WELL below average bullpen. For a third straight year, Indians ownership has dealt some of their best prospects in order to fix a big need in their roster. First we received Andrew Miller, next it was Joe Smith and Jay Bruce, and now this year it’s Brad Hand and Adam Cimber. Of course the Tribe had to give up Francisco Mejia, but their need for immediate bullpen help more than overshadowed Mejia’s potential stardom. So, who are Brad Hand and Adam Cimber?

Brad Hand:

The Indians might have hit the jackpot with this guy. I see Brad Hand as an off-brand Andrew Miller. If you look at everything about them, Miller is just slightly better. Hand came into the majors as a starter, but that didn’t work out for him. He went from team to team, trying to find a starting role. He switched over to a bullpen guy and he’s become a stud. He uses two main pitches; a sweeping slider, and a slightly sub 100 MPH fastball. Also he’s a 6’3” lengthy lefty with a late release point. Other than Miller being taller at 6’7” there’s not much difference between the two. Hand overpowers hitters at times, and will be a great late inning guy for the Tribe.

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Adam Cimber:

Here’s an interesting player. Cimber is one of only 4 MLB players to have their fastball have a higher vertical peak then the release point of the pitch. That might not seem that important but it’s huge. Players rarely get to see a submarine pitcher so they will have a harder time adjusting to their delivery. Also, this is only Cimber’s first year in the majors so people will have an even more difficult time locating his pitches because they’ve never seen them before. Moving on, Cimber holds a 3.12 ERA, and he has a 3-5 record. His record doesn’t do him much justice though. He played for a horrendous Padres team, and if he gave up a run, it most likely affected his record. The only thing that scares me with Cimber is how many home runs he gives up. In 43 appearances, he’s given up 2 HR. That might not seem like that much, but it’s still a decent amount for a player who relies on ground ball outs.

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More likely than not, Francisco Mejia will be a star player at some point in his MLB career. The only problem, he just doesn’t fit into the Indians roster right now. He hasn’t been a very talented third basemen or outfielder, and Yan Gomes has been too good at catcher. As long as the Indians have a Gold Glove, All-Star behind the plate, we’ll be perfectly fine trading a prospect, because that’s all he is: A prospect.`

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