The Good, the Bad, and The Browns: Week One Recap

This is a new feeling. Since I truly started to watch the Browns, I had never seen them open up the season without a loss. Actually, I’ve never seen them start the year with a tie either, so this is new too. Let me tell ya, having a tie with the Steelers is so much more satisfying then letting Big Ben and company crush our dreams right out of the gate. What’s even more satisfying than us not losing? The Steelers not winning. Pittsburgh fans are completely unbearable and seeing waves of black and gold throughout my high school would’ve put a damper on an otherwise great start to the week. This tie shut up Steelers’ fans for the time being, but now we have to listen their list of excuses, which of course runs ten miles long. “Le’Veon Bell didn’t play”, “At least we have six rings”, “We never start strong”, and my personal favorite “the weather conditions were bad”. Steeler fans are blaming Big Ben’s horrible start on the weather; then the sun came out whenever the Browns were on offense! Hating on the Steelers is great, but let’s talk about the good and the bad from the Cleveland Browns week one TIE to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Good:

Denzel Ward

With the number four pick in the draft, I wasn’t all that happy about the Denzel Ward selection. He’s a bit undersized and struggled at times to cover star receivers at the collegiate level. Ward was given a mighty task of slowing down Antonio Brown, and he did as good of a job as you could possibly do. Brown had 9 catches, 93 yards, and 1 touchdown, but was targeted an insane 16 times! Denzel did a fantastic job keeping Antonio Brown in front of him, not letting him stretch the field and make too many big plays. Not only did he keep Antonio in check, he was able to secure 2 BIG interceptions, and also did a great job making open field tackles.

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Myles Garrett

In limited snaps last year, Myles Garrett showed a lot of potential, but nothing really warranting a number one pick. It’s only been one game this season, but Garrett definitely looked like a first overall selection. Myles made it his goal when he came into the league to sack Roethlisberger as much as possible, and I think Ben will have a couple nightmares about this man. Garrett had 6 tackles, 2 sacks, 2 QB hits, and 2 huge forced fumbles. These were great, BUT his two penalties may have cost the Browns the game. His “roughing the passer” (which the NFL said it wasn’t) on third down in the redzone set the Steelers up for an easy score to start the game, and on the Joe Schobert fumble return, a costly block in the back may have pushed the Browns out of field goal range. Overall, it still was a great game for Myles and the entire Browns defense.

Jarvis Landry

Moving over to the offensive side, there weren’t too many bright spots; however, Jarvis Landry was a stud. Minus his one drop, Landry was spectacular. He had more than half our receiving yards, and accounted for half of Tyrod’s completions. The offense looked pretty bad, but Jarvis did alright.

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The Bad:

Tyrod Taylor

In his first start in the brown and orange, Taylor looked bad. On every snap, he appeared indecisive, and very nervous. He never seemed know if he was going to scramble, or stay in the pocket to make a throw. If he even decided to try and throw, his passes rarely worked, under throwing most of his deep balls and badly missing some short routes. Tyrod never looked to stay in the pocket due to the pressure applied by his sub-par Offensive Line, but whenever he did have time, he still rarely stayed in the pocket, making it easier for the Steelers elite front seven to create pressure. Since he couldn’t get the ball downfield, Pittsburgh could send extra men on blitzes, and not have to rely on the Safeties having to stay in their zones. These blitzes showed the weaknesses in the Browns O-Line, but is it really their fault?

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Zane Gonzalez

As a kicker you have one job, MAKE YOUR DAMN KICKS. I don’t think Gonzalez has ever done a good job at that. After his abysmal performance last year, I thought for sure he was on the chopping block, sadly this is the Browns. Here in Cleveland, we reward players who have sucked, and decided to keep the second year man despite there being much better options in free agency. Recently, the Cowboys cut Dan Bailey and I really think we should look into him, as he has been one of the best kickers in the league the past couple of years. Also, if the Browns have another end of game field goal, I won’t have any trust in Gonzalez to come close to making it.

This might’ve seemed like a rant, but I’m not really that disappointed. Actually, I’m happy with a tie. We might not have won a game on Sunday since 2015, but hey, we’re moving in the right direction.

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