Devil’s Advocate: Tate Martell

After watching Dwayne Haskins dominate the Oregon State and Rutgers defenses, everyone agrees that he should be the starter. His composure, size, and arm strength seem to be unmatched in college football. He’s even in the top 10 for Heisman watch! While I believe that Haskins should start for now, the Buckeyes might be wasting a firecracker on the bench, Tate Martell.

Martell is a 2x High School Gatorade Player of the Year, and lead his alma mater, Bishop Gorman to three straight Nevada State Championships. Tate has been listed anywhere from 5’9”-5’11” so he does not look as intimidating as Haskins, but you aren’t the best high school player in the country for nothing. With his elite playmakers at Bishop Gorman, Martell would make opposing corners look silly with a mix of 50 yard bombs, pinpoint placed strikes down the middle, and red zone ball placement like that of Aaron Rodgers. This doesn’t even account for his scrambling capabilities. He flies down the field faster than any Running Back or Wide Receiver on the field, and if you can even catch him, good luck trying to take him down, because his juke moves are reminiscent of Braxton Miller’s earlier days at OSU.

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Anyone who has seen Tate play knows that he’s the real deal; however, he has a couple problems. The first being, his stature. Like previously stated, Martell is very undersized for the Quarterback position. Due to his height and unorthodox throwing motion, his ability to throw the ball downfield at the college level may be hindered by much larger Defensive-Linemen who can get their hands in passing lanes. His second problem has nothing to do with football. Tate Martell loves to be in drama and have people talk about him. He’s a living embodiment of Johnny Manziel in everything that he does. Both of their play styles are very similar: undersized, scrambling Quarterbacks who always look for highlight reel plays. What really makes them so similar is what they do off the field. Like Manziel, Tate always looks to stir up controversy, never shies away from the media, and both have histories of partying. Martell hasn’t done anything as heinous as Johnny, but you can’t let this kid go down the wrong path.

Tate might have his problems, but the talent is obviously there. He’s already shown how willing he is to get the ball downfield to playmakers, and he can do whatever he wants while scrambling with the ball. Whether it be Ryan Day, Urban Meyer, or Kevin Wilson, the Buckeye coaching staff have to find ways to get him on the field. I’m worried that Martell might transfer out if he doesn’t get playing time behind Haskins. Despite Tate’s tweets saying how much he likes Haskins, it’s only a matter of times before he gets fed up and leaves town, and watching him create havoc for another team might be a worst case scenario.

As Always: GO BUCKS

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