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Justin Ross

Hockey, just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it? There are many different things to look at when it comes to the NHL season. Is Erik Karlsson going to fit in well with the San Jose Sharks? Are the Blue Jackets finally going to make it to a Cup Final? Can the Ovechkin and the Capitals defend the cup, or will Crosby and the Penguins take it back? Let us find out!

We all knew that at the end of the 2017-2018 season, it was going to be the last time we saw Karlsson put on a Senators jersey. The question was, where was he going to end up? The San Jose Sharks scored big with Karlsson, the 28 year old defenseman played in 71 games with the Senators tallying up 62 points (9G – 53A), Karlsson reported to his first practice with the Sharks earlier this week. He was paired up with one of the best defensive defenseman in the NHL, Marc-Edouard Vlasic. With Karlsson, no doubt being the best offensive defenseman in the league, this is going to do San Jose wonders in the season to come.

The Columbus Blue Jackets, are they finally going to win a division title? Are they going to make it passed the second round for the first time in the franchise’s history? There are many things that the Blue Jackets need to focus on if that is what they want to happen. Team centers Dubinsky and Wennberg need to have a better season than they did last. Dubinsky played in 62 games and tallied 16 points (6G – 10 A), and Wennberg played in 66 games tallying 35 points (8G – 27A).  Hopefully with the addition of Riley Nash, that will help boost production in the Blue Jackets offense.

The greatest question of them all… Can Alexander Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals fend off the beasts of the Metro division, and defend the Stanley Cup? This is my favorite question, and I might have to be a little biased with this question a little bit. I want to start off by saying that I am very happy for Ovechkin and the Capitals finally winning a Stanley Cup, but that cup belongs in Pittsburgh, and the Penguins know it. The very talented Penguins are on a mission this season to get back what they have had two years in a row. The Penguins led by Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin know what they have to do to get the cup back to Pittsburgh. Now, that does not mean the Capitals are not going to fight like hell to keep it, but I truly believe that the Penguins will be the better team this season, and win the Metro division and take that one step closer to getting the Stanley Cup.

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