Ranking Every Movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

I was getting better for a second. I thought that I was getting past the fact that there are no sports for the foreseeable future. I’m not, not at all. Sports take up at least 50% of my brainpower at any given point, but movies and tv shows take up around another quarter. I’m definitely not a movie critic and I’ll never claim to be, but I sure do love a Marvel movie. And what do Marvel movies and sports have in common, rankings. Here are my completely biased rankings of the current 23 Marvel movies.

23. The Incredible Hulk     Grade: 62%

So, this movie happened. Not only was it just not that good, but it also doesn’t have Mark Ruffalo playing Bruce Banner. He’s one of my favorite actors in the MCU and saved the role after a poor first impression.

22. Thor: The Dark World     Grade: 64%

This movie has the aether in it. That’s really important down the road but back in 2013, it was just some weird red stuff in a bad movie. The worst part about this movie is that when The Avengers go back in time to get the aether in Endgame, they almost make you think this was a good movie.

21. Thor     Grade: 68%

Thor was just too serious. They tried a few jokes throughout the movie but none of them really landed for me. Thank goodness they made Thor less comic book accurate down the road because it really saved this character.

20. Iron Man 2     Grade: 69%

Iron Man 2 isn’t that bad, it’s just not that good. It’s not a very memorable movie, and I can honestly say I’ve only watched it all the way through one time. Tony Stark was just a little too over the top, and that’s saying something.

19. Iron Man 3     Grade: 73%

Every movie from here on out is at least pretty good. Iron Man 3 does something unique. It tries to tap back into the feeling you get at the beginning of the first Iron Man. Tony’s stripped from his superpowers, but still has his brain. This is more of a Tony Stark story than one of Iron Man, and that’s when I feel Iron Man is at his best.

18. Captain America: The First Avenger     Grade 75%

This is my first controversial entry. I feel this movie drags on. It felt like they wrote a really good hour-long movie but instead stretched it out to over 2 hours. Red Skull could have been a very cool villain, but it felt like they never really got into his back story. This isn’t a bad movie I just don’t choose to watch it over and over again.

17. Captain Marvel     Grade 75%

This movie is great, minus the protagonist. I loved how they changed the narratives of Skrulls, making them a loveable species on the run instead of the evil killers they’re usually known for. Samuel L. Jackson does a fantastic job playing a young Nick Fury, but Captain Marvel is just a boring hero. I don’t like her storyline, and she’s too strong. When you know nothing will happen to the protagonist, it ruins the shock and awe factor that could be delivered.

16. Ant-Man and the Wasp     Grade 77%

No movie fits the epitome of solid, like Ant-Man and the Wasp. Solid cast, solid plot, solid humor, and solid action.  There was an interesting storyline for a villain I didn’t know much about. Also, Paul Rudd is a perfect Ant-Man

15. Black Panther     Grade 78%

I think my biggest problem with this movie was the hype. I went into it expecting to see the greatest movie of all-time, but it was just okay. The best part of this movie was Killmonger, but I do think he gets overrated. People love Michael B. Jordan, and he played the role well, but I don’t think he was the best villain in the MCU. My biggest complaint is T’Chala. I think he’s a boring hero. I know this movie is pretty well-liked, but it’s definitely not a top tier choice for me. Oh yeah, and the CGI for the fight scenes SUCKED!

14. Ant-Man     Grade 79%

I didn’t talk about how great Paul Rudd was when I talked about Ant-Man and the Wasp. Scott Lang is not an overly exciting hero, yet Rudd is able to turn him into a fan favorite. Nothing jumps off the page for this movie, but the movie is shot beautifully, one of the best in the MCU in my opinion.

13. Avengers: Age of Ultron     Grade 80%

You know what, this movie gets too much-unwarranted hate. I really like the Age of Ultron. I’m not sure why people dislike it so much. First, Ultron is a cool villain, his plan wasn’t perfect, and his reign of terror wasn’t really an “Age” but more of a “Few Days of Ultron”. We also got our introductions to Wanda and Vision, while also getting a great set up for phase 3 of the MCU.

12. Doctor Strange     Grade 83%

This movie was a risk. Trying to capture all of the color and non-human like powers that Stan Lee put into the comics was a risk and they crushed it. Benedict Cumberbatch excels in the role of Steven Strange and completely makes this movie.

11. Iron Man     Grade 83%

This movie is realistically not the 11th best movie in the MCU, but its impact on Marvel is so great. Robert Downey Jr. turned from a forgotten actor into the biggest star in the industry. This was the start of the greatest run in film history. Oh, and the movie wasn’t that bad either.

10. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2     Grade 86%

From here on out, I love all of these movies. The Guardians are an amazing group of characters and are laugh out loud funny. Baby Groot is adorable, and every interaction with Rocket is gold. Chris Pratt kills it once again as Starlord and his budding relationship with Gamora adds more stakes. Before he really didn’t have anyone in his life he truly cared about, but now he has someone he loves. Ego is a terrific villain, and his turn was actually a bit of a surprise. Lastly, Yondu taking out the entire Ravenegers ship was one of the best scenes in all of the MCU. Letting Taserface burn with the ship was just icing on the cake.

9. Marvel’s The Avengers     Grade 88%

If I were to use one word to describe this movie, it’s unprecedented. There was no movie like this, and it was knocked out of the park. They managed to bring 6 heroes together yet it didn’t feel like anyone was stepping on each other toes. Loki is an unreal villain. He’s so good you almost root for him to succeed at points. They killed off Agent Colson (kind of) adding stakes to the MCU, showing that they were willing to kill off important characters. So many scenes in this movie are quotable and will always hold up to the test of time. Another great addition to the MCU.

8. Spider-Man: Far From Home     Grade 89%

A certain trend begins with number 8 in the rankings. I have an obsession with Spider-Man. Ever since my dad got me out of school early to go see Spider-Man 3 in the theatres on opening day, I’ve loved Spider-Man. I mean, I did before that too but that really sealed the deal. Once again Tom Holland kills it as Peter Parker, but the biggest surprise of the movie was Jake Gyllenhal. Mysterio was one of the best villains in the MCU. His plan actually worked, twice. Leaving the audience on a cliff hanger by announcing to the world that Peter Parker is Spider-Man, and it was awesome. It left you waiting for the next installment. Personally, I think Far From Home was a step-down from its predecessor in Homecoming. That holds it back from being any higher rated.

7. Captain America: The Winter Soldier     Grade 90%

Hello there Russo Brothers. This movie is amazing. It’s one of the more serious stories in the MCU lineup, and it fits perfectly for Steve Rogers. Everyone Cap cares about is either sick or trying to kill him, but he never gives up hope. It’s such a great movie, and one of the best movies to show to someone who doesn’t really care about the MCU.

6. Thor: Ragnorok     Grade 92%

I mean who saw this coming. The first two Thors are just not very good. They took everything you thought you knew about Thor and flipped it on its head. Cutting off Thor’s hair and stripping away his powers made him vulnerable. They made the God of Thunder a relatable character. All that aside, the movie is hilarious. Lastly, this was the perfect set up for the start of Infinity War. Seeing Thanos’ ship coming into the frame at the end of the film to take out half of Asgard was just so ominous.

5. Guardians of the Galaxy     Grade 93%

The intro to GOTG was sad. Watching Peter Quil’s mother die then getting taken away from his family was pretty tough. But man did the mood change! Once Starlord put on the headphones of his Walkman and the sound of Redbone’s “Come and Get Your Love” began to fill the theatre, I was hooked. Chris Pratt is the perfect actor for the loveable idiot who is Starlord. Every member of the Guardians was given a moment to shine and nobody’s role felt wasted. This is a comedy movie at heart, and they did a great job really leaning into that. This is the perfect outline for an action-comedy movie.

4. Captain America: Civil War     Grade 95%

The Sokovia Accords didn’t really make much sense and it feels like everyone is going against their beliefs, but I’m going to ignore that giant plot hole. I loved this movie. Most importantly, it brought Spider-Man into the MCU. This movie creates tension between all the Avengers which does not end quickly. It’s an entertaining movie, and one of the most rewatchable movies in the entire MCU.

3. Spider-Man: Homecoming     Grade 97%

The top three movies are essentially flawless. Peter Parker and Tony Stark are a perfect “father-son” duo. The Vulture is my favorite villain in all of Marvel. The most intense scene in the MCU involves the Vulture and Peter. He’s driving his daughter, plot twist Peter’s date, to the movies and he figures out his secret identity. Liz, his daughter, gets out of his car and he has a quick talk with Peter. That scene is absolutely terrifying. Also, the Vulture is a reasonable villain. He’s a normal dude just trying to make money for his family. Start to finish, perfect Spider-Man movie, and the best Spider-Man movie ever. Tom Holland>Toby Maguire>>>>>>>>>Andrew Garfield.

2. Avengers: Endgame     Grade 97%

I cried in the movies during my first watching. It was that good. What keeps this from the number one spot was the length. The movie runs just a little bit too long. Other than that, I loved it. Endgame was the perfect finale to Marvel Phase 3. It was a great closure to Iron Man and Captain America’s stories. I laughed, I was entertained, and did I mentioned I cried. Rest Easy Mr. Stark.

1. Avengers: Infinity War     Grade 99%

I didn’t know what to expect going into this. Thanos was supposed to be an all-powerful villain, and how were they going to show just how strong is he. They made him the cruelest most awful villain in all of the MCU, yet you sympathize with him. The entire time throughout the movie you’re waiting for the heroes to win, yet you know they’ll lose because there’s a sequel to follow. But when Thor throws Stormbreaker into Thanos’ chest you think they pulled it off, just to see the entire world fall apart. I left the theatre utterly speechless, and my friends and I didn’t even talk on the way home. I haven’t felt way too many times after movies. 9.9/10.

Okay, this is a lot of controversy in one blog. Let me know where you agree and disagree down in the comments. Remember this my opinion, it’s not going to change.

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