Three Potential Landing Spots For Cam Newton

Per Tom Pelissero, The Carolina Panthers are expected to release quarterback Cam newton today.

Once Cam is released, three former No. 1 overall draft picks will be free agents – Cam Newton, Jameis Winston, and Jadeveon Clowny. The Panthers just signed Teddy Bridgewater to the three-year deal, essentially solidifying Bridgewater to become the new starter, leaving Newton out of a job.

With this in mind, lets explore where Cam Newton could end up.

  1. Las Vegas Raiders
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Feels weird typing “Las Vegas” in there but there’s a start for everything. This would be a great landing spot for Newton. A personality like his in a place like Vegas could bring in a lot of money and a lot of attention. If the Raiders could find a place to offload Derek Carr too, Newton would be a very electric, very suitable fit in Gruden’s offense. The only question mark here is what do they do with new acquisition Marcus Mariota? Does he find a spot on the bench? Who knows, but this would be a fun spot for Cam to land.

2. Los Angeles Chargers

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In a recent article, I wrote that Chargers are expected to draft Justin Herbert and have him develop behind Tyrod Taylor under center. I also wrote that having Tyrod under center wouldn’t be my first option. I could definitely see the Chargers snag Cam to hopefully see some success while they groom Herbert for the future and it would certainly make sense as Tyrod Taylor certainly doesn’t broaden the horizons and is essentially just a bridge QB to your next guy.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers

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While Ben Roethlisberger claims that he has more seasons in him, the man’s knees don’t look like they could make a walk to the bathroom. Cam would not only fit well in the Steelers’ system and add talent at a talentless QB position, his style and flair would also fair well in Mike Tomlin’s locker room. Tomlin certainly has the experience of dealing with diva’s like Antonio Brown and Leveon Bell, adding a guy like Cam Newton who is actually not a bad guy, just a big personality would probably be welcoming to the veteran coach.

Where do you see Cam Newton landing at the end of all of this? Comment below!

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