What Noah Syndergaard's Surgery Potentially Means For Baseball – Food For Thought

As I’m sure by now, you have all heard, Noah Syndergaard is among the many MLB players who have elected to have surgery. Syndergaard has been experiencing discomfort in his throwing elbow and it was suggested he have Tommy John surgery, which repairs a sprain or torn UCL in the elbow. The surgery will take place Thursday and will place Noah on a rehab stint stretching likely until April of 2021.

Syndergaard is among a few other pitchers who have elected to have the surgery, those being most notably Chris Sale, Luis Severino, and a pair of Padres pitchers Reggie Lawson and Andres Munoz. The idea here is that the players involved will miss fewer games in total due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the season being suspended. My concern is, with this many highly skilled and valued players electing for this surgery, I would imagine that many others in the MLB will follow suit.

While I am no conspiracy theorist by any means, I’m wondering if the MLB maybe knows more about how long this shut down will be than they are letting on. Obviously, the CDC has been keeping everyone up to date as they can and those battling this thing on the front lines have been incredibly heroic and I don’t want to take anything away from the seriousness of this virus. But could the MLB know something we don’t?

Doesn’t it seem odd that so many players are opting to essentially miss an entire year for Tommy John surgery? Yes, player’s elbows typically come back stronger after this surgery and in many cases, it is much needed, but is there a possibility that Syndergaard, Sale, and others are projecting that this shut down will last much longer than they’re predicting? That would make the most sense to me. Obviously, maybe this is my baseball-less quarantine brain aimlessly trying to throw darts until something sticks but missing an entire season with a surgery like this is a big deal, especially to a Boston Red Sox ball club who has been in the mix every year since I can remember.

I don’t know, maybe I’m grasping at straws. Hell, I probably am just grasping at straws, but some food for thought for you all while we’re all in quarantine. Wild that there are so many players getting Tommy John surgery. Anyway, hope your quarantine is going well.

Cheers, Jiggy

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  1. I’m optimistic, Jiggy. I think MLB does know more than the public, and I guess I’d opt for a surgery that I may need during a likely shortened season, but I keep hearing early June for first pitch. Here’s hoping as I cheers my Jameson in my solitude quarantine. Here’s to you and baseball, Jiggy! Keep the articles coming!

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