Why The NFL May Have Just Saved The Day

According to a tweet by Adam Schefter, the NFL wants an April draft to go on as scheduled despite the league’s general manager’s recommendation to push it back. The GM’s main concerns being that with everything going on, “there won’t be enough time for player physicals, gathering psychological testing, getting further verified information about the players and some teams having to conduct the draft from home.”

We’re back baby! Sports are back! The NFL 100% has to follow through with this. Even if it means having everyone do it from home, Facetime, or whatever, this absolutely needs to happen. One of the only things getting me through this quarantine is the fact that the NFL is still following through with free agency. Getting to see *some* action is better than no action, and I think the single greatest thing the NFL could do to boost fan morale is to follow through with the draft on April 23rd.

Obviously, we need to practice social distancing and do whatever we can to protect those involved, but spend some of that NFL money and stream the damn thing on national television so us sports fans can get our fix!

NFL, you know what to do. Fans, what are your thoughts?

Cheers, Jiggy

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