Why the NBA Regular Season Should be Over

Since today should be Opening Day, I need to distract myself from the gaping void in my soul left by the disappearance of the Indians. Instead, I’ll talk about the Cavs, because I have lower expectations with them. When they let me down, I see it coming; with the Indians, I always get my hopes up far too high.

Recently, the Cavs have been overthinking things. They’ve abandoned their tank. To combat the Cavaliers’ lack of brainpower, I feel the NBA should call the season off right now. Coronavirus is bigger than sports, and I have no other ulterior motives that would make me want an NBA season ended earlier.

Well, there’s maybe one reason.

The Cavs were starting to look like a basketball team. Andre Drummond was a nice addition to help bolster a sub-par roster. Not only was that addition helpful, but the young core was also starting to develop.

Kevin Porter Jr. was a gem of a late-round pick. In his last 10 games, he managed to reach double figures in 8 of them, while also shooting near 50% in most of them. His development was big, but it was Collin Sexton who really started to become a star.

In the so-called “final” month of the NBA season, Sexton had scored over 25 in every single game, while shooting over 58%, and scored a career-high 41 points in a loss versus the Celtics. I’ve never been a big fan of Sexton, but the numbers don’t lie, he was playing like a superstar.

On paper, everything I said should be great, and it is if you’re not tanking. We were doing great at losing most of the season, but we’ve been 5-6 since the All-Star break, and that’s too good. We’re not going to sneak into the eighth seed down double-digit games to the Magic. Even if we did make the playoffs, we would get destroyed by the Bucks in the first round.

If everything ended today, the Cavs would be seated in the second pick of the lottery. I’ll take those odds of getting a top-three pick. Realistically we would mess that pick up, but we COULD get a generational talent like Obi Toppin.

Adam Silver, I’m talking directly to you. If you really care about the safety of you’re fans, you’d cancel the rest of the regular season, and just have the playoffs.


A Concerned Fan (about the Cavs lottery situation)

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