More Time For Contract Talks

I’m not a billionaire, there, I said it. I do know someone who owns the Cleveland Indians that is. I bet he’s been pretty bored since coronavirus put a halt to the MLB season.

He could do something to pass the time, and I have two very viable and positive activities to help him get through this rough patch.

The first option is the one I’ve been pushing forward for the last 3 or so years. Sell the team. I’ve never heard a billionaire complain about not having enough money like Paul Dolan. If you’re so cut for cash, just sell the Indians.

The Miami Marlins were the most recent team put on the market and they were sold for $1.2 billion. Unlike the Indians, they have one of the worst fan bases in the country, and their revenue flow is much lower; yet, the Indians are only valued at the same price of $1.2 billion. However, that price tag would only go up. If Dolan is really losing so much money, I think selling the team would still make a pretty penny.

Option number one isn’t likely, but sadly option two is even less likely. He should empty his pockets and pay Francisco Lindor. Yes, I seriously believe Paul Dolan is more likely to sell his team then sign a once in a generation player.

No player with Lindor’s talent will be coming through the Indians organization any time soon, or realistically ever. I don’t know how Dolan can just let another superstar walk away from Cleveland again. The Indians have the 6th lowest payroll in all of baseball and even if they resign Yasiel Puig, (which they won’t) that would only move them up, at most, to the 10th lowest payroll in the league.

When the Indians’ payroll is only $84 million, while the Yankees payroll is $246 million, you’re playing two completely different sports. Sign Lindor, which would make your yearly payroll approximately middle of the league, or sell the team and cash out. There should be no other options.

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