Hey, Check Out These COVIDiots! – McNeil Strikes Again

Local Twitter celebrity McNeil (@Reflog_18) did what he does best and managed to troll the entire internet again with a classic tweet of the Cavs championship parade with the caption, “Nice weather has brought people out at the March To End COVID-19 in Cleveland today #EndCOVID”. Now, if you’re familiar with a McNeil tweet, you found this funny and went about your day. However, what makes a McNeil troll tweet even better? The absolute dumbasses who come out of the wood work to try and make it seem like they’re smarter than the rest of us.

Well, he’s a compiled list of all of the big, dumb, dumbasses of the world who think they’re better than Cleveland. Enjoy!

This next one was my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE…

Part of me hopes that this never ends and that it reaches out to the entire world. This has truly made my quarantine a little bit better. McNeil, well done again my man. If you don’t already, follow him on Twitter for live updates on the ‘Roner March @Reflog_18

Cheers, Jiggy

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