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With the ‘Roner Virus going around, many people have been forced to spend their time at home, off work, and if you’re like me, on social media. And if you’re from the Cleveland area, you’re bound to see some familiar faces from time to time.

Well, I wanted to write a series of articles highlighting some of the “local celebrities” we see so often and give some people the chance to learn more about these popular figures. The articles will essentially consist of a little background on my familiarity with the person, and a list of questions I put together that they were asked to answer in order to for us to learn a little bit more about them.

When I thought of this article series, the first person I wanted to begin with was, Rod Bluhm. Rod is a man that I met through my time writing and releasing videos at BIGPLAY. Rod was the Director of Written Content and my direct manager at BIGPLAY, and is someone who I spent a great deal of time bouncing ideas off of. At times, he and I butted heads on my writing style, but at the end of the day he always fought for me with the higher-ups to get my content and creativity out for the public to see, and I am very grateful for that. You may also know Rod from the “Browns Blitz Podcast” and his time writing, both formerly at BIGPLAY and currently at Browns Access.

I asked Rod if he would be interested in participating, and he got back to me right away with a resounding, “yes!”. Here’s my little interview with Rod, I hope you enjoy.

Jiggy: “Rod, tell everyone a little bit about yourself, where you’re from and what you do, and some things you like to do in your free time.”

Rod: “Well, I work in the mortgage industry and have worked for banks, mortgage companies, and title companies. In my so-called free time, I enjoy working on my sport card collection, playing bridge, working around the house and yard, and occasionally singing at church.”

Jiggy: “What are your favorite sports teams and have they changed throughout your life?”

Rod: “My favorite sports team is the Browns, but the Indians had a definite edge while I was growing up.”

Jiggy: “How long have you been on Twitter, how many followers (roughly) would you say you have, and how would you describe your rise in popularity on social media? Would you say it’s been a gradual rise or was there a moment when everything just kind of blew up?”

Rod: “I’ve been on Twitter for less than five years and have just around 13,600 followers. My wife Kristin has been on Twitter much longer than me and actually set up my first account for me. My rise in popularity was probably pretty gradual. I attribute it to a loyal group of readers that I have found with my articles, the fact that I follow back out of respect, and the fact that I enjoy interacting with everyone. And I think a lot of people saw me differently when I began being included with McNeil (@Reflog_18) in some @’s”

Jiggy: “What made you want to get involved in sports or sports related news and media? And, while I’m sure it’s a very loaded questions, where do you draw your inspiration from in writing and podcasting?”

Rod: “Honestly, I started writing for Cleveland Sports Talk several years ago because I wanted to write. Sports just happened to be the topic. I love the Browns and Cleveland sports teams, but I never really had this goal. Inspiration is a funny thing. I wrote out of a love of writing and a desire to leave the reader with something. Some ideas come to me quickly and some bounce around in my head for weeks. I prefer to write from an angle that others may not see. My podcast is done to entertain and to allow people who wouldn’t normally be on a podcast to have a voice.”

Jiggy: “You and I shared some time together at BIGPLAY. How would you say your time at BIGPLAY contributed to current reach and popularity on Twitter?”

Rod: “Our time at BIGPLAY:  I don’t know what BIGPLAY did for my following on Twitter. I honestly don’t remember. I know that I had several opportunities to appear on podcasts and radio during that time and it may have been due to my position as Director of Written Content. A lot of people heard the negatives about BIGPLAY.  The facts are that we had a great team put together and drove amazing content for a time. I believe I was in charge of 80 writers or close to at one point. I learned a lot in that position. If the sales/revenue stream would have been able to follow our lead, we would have had something.”

Jiggy: “You run a podcast called The Browns Blitz Podcast. How long have you been doing this podcast and why did you start the podcast in the first place?”

Rod: “We just recorded our 44th episode of The Browns Blitz. I wanted something different. I wanted a conversational podcast. I’m not trying to compete with every Browns podcast. I’m trying to entertain the people who listen, give a voice to our guests from Twitter and still deliver an excellent show.”

Jiggy: “Staying on the podcast subject, and while I understand this may be a sensitive topic, you used to be very close with former podcast co-host, Sam Maddy, who has recently disappeared from twitter and social media all together. What insight can you give me and the fans into why he suddenly vanished and decided to then attack you for the logo of the podcast?”

Rod: “Sam and I were close. It caught me off guard when he disappeared. I guess he had some things from his past that he chose not to face. I never heard details. That didn’t matter to me. When he contacted me several months later for the sole purpose of telling me to take the logo down, it hurt. Sam hurt the people who were closest to him. We’re not sure we ever really knew him.”

Jiggy: “How has the podcast changed over it’s time?”

Rod: “I did re-brand the podcast when I took the logo down. I wanted a fresh start. We have some great regulars on the show and get a great mix of guests.  I’m very happy with where we are now.”

Jiggy: “What other ventures are you currently involved in and where can the people find you and your stuff?”

Rod: “Other ventures:  I am a contributor for Browns Access.  We have a great group and leadership that is forward-thinking. I feel at home.  My wife and I are set to launch an Etsy shop in the next few weeks. Kristin has worked very hard on this and we’re very excited.  I have been working with a partner toward opening a sports card shop for almost two years now. We feel like we’re getting closer. Fall is our probable target at this point. You can find my articles @BrownsAccess.  I’m on Instagram clerodb and also on Facebook.”

Jiggy: “What is 1 thing you want everyone reading this article to know about you? Also, what is 1 thing you want to tell everyone during this crazy time?”

Rod: “The one thing I would like people to know about me is that I really am optimistic and I really do care about people. I love to hear from people about my articles or theirs. That’s why my DMs are open. I guess that’s more than one thing. During this crazy time it’s more important than ever to watch out for each other. Take care of people, help people, and see the good in people.”

Lastly, I wanted to hit Rod with a few ‘off the cuff’ questions…

Jiggy: Would you rather – Have to turn off every sporting event you watch at the 2 minute mark – OR – Only be able to watch the last 2 minutes of every game?

Rod: “I don’t think I could just watch the last two minutes as Browns fan. I’d rather skip that part and see the rest of the game”

Jiggy: “Would you punch a small child in the face if it meat the Browns would win their first Super Bowl?”

Rod: “Would I punch a small child in the face?   I wouldn’t punch a small child under any circumstances. However, I would let a small child punch me in the beefiest part of my good shoulder for a Browns Super Bowl win.”

Jiggy: “And lastly, if you had to leave a burning brown bag of poop on someone’s door step, who’s door step would that be?”

Rod: “What? I only get one burning bag of poop?  I hate to disappoint, but now that Art Modell is gone, I don’t have anyone.  Life is too short for grudges”

I think the main thing I took away from this interview is the fact that Rod is quite simply one of the nicest, most genuine people I’ve ever met. I’ve given this man many fits with my writing and attitude and he has always constantly responded in a calm and helpful manner. I mean, the guy is so nice that he wouldn’t punch a small child in the face, an activity that I have grown to wholeheartedly enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about Rod. Give the man some love and follow him on Twitter @CLERod. I will be publishing additional articles in the near future featuring other local celebrities so stayed tuned!

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Cheers, Jiggy

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