NBA Scouting Report: James Wiseman

James Wiseman is a 7’1″ center who played his collegiate career at Memphis University. It was a very short-lived career, as he only played three games before he was suspended for 12 games, then deciding to just forgo his Freshmen year entirely.

In those three games, he averaged 19.7 PPG/ 10.7 RBG/ 3.0 BPG. He showed loads of potential in limited action, and I still believe he’s the best player available in this upcoming draft.


College Season Highlights

Wiseman has the potential to be a perfect modern-day big man.

  • Very lengthy build, 7’6″ wing-span
  • Good shooting form with a great base
  • Has a knack for following missed shots, creating offensive rebounds, and generating second-chance points
  • Freak athlete
  • Runs the floor better than most NBA big men
  • Great off-ball defender, where he gets a lot of blocks
  • Elite finisher, especially put-back dunks and alley-oops
  • Good fade-away jumper with solid rotation on his shot
  • Shot very high percentage


  • He played three games, not a lot of film on him
  • Limited post moves, relies on fade-away too much
  • Needs to put on 10 to 20 pounds of muscle to go toe-to-toe with stronger NBA centers
  • Struggles in pick and roll defense will get burned by quicker guards
  • Falls for pump fakes and gets into foul trouble easily
  • Needs to stay away from his jumper until it further developed


Wiseman will be a superstar in the NBA. He’s fallen to about third on most draft boards but I feel like he’s the number one player in the draft, and will be the first pick if the Warriors win the Draft Lottery. Worst case scenario, you get a player similar to JaVale McGee who protects the rim and runs the court well. Best case, you get a more athletic Chris Bosh. You can’t go wrong taking him first in the draft.

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