Why is a Uniform Important?

 If you’re a Browns fan you could hit me with a couple of different answers on this topic. Ever since the Browns first changed their uniforms back in 2015, they left a bad taste of terrible choices in uniform fashion, and the stench of a horrible period of Browns football. 

The speculation and boredom during our current predicament has turned my Twitter timeline into siren alarms and eyeball emojis because of all the “leaks” that keep popping up, along with random twitter users tweeting in all caps “RELEASE THE UNIFORMS ALREADY!” under every tweet from the Browns Twitter account. Knowing this fan base, these uniforms are going to make us feel like the Browns are back, or we’re just going to have our typical meltdowns like we already lost on Sunday. 

I’m not going to state my opinion on what the Browns uniforms should look like, but I will say they will be the cherry on top of the offseason. No matter what we feel about these uniforms, they have to be followed with winning. 

We have already made some good moves so far in free agency, bringing in Austin Hooper, Jack Conklin, and Case Keenum to rock the orange and brown. Now, they have to help us win. These are the guys that are going to be here for a while and if they help bring home wins and even playoff success it’ll do wonders. 

The problem with the current uniforms was not just looks, they played poorly too. When they were first unveiled to the public back in 2015, there were nine combinations of the loudest, ugliest, and orangest uniforms you will ever see. 

It would’ve been bad enough if that was the end of the story, but with these uniforms, they carried the pain of the worst period in Browns’ history. From Hue Jackson bumbling his way to 3-36-1 over two and a half years, Corey Coleman dropping the pass that would seal 0-16, and Cam Erving chasing a Ravens player returning the ball on the Kick Six. Those are just some of the lowlights of these horrible uniforms. I could go on, but I’d be here all day long.

These uniforms are tied down by the past 5 years of misery. Hopefully, the Browns going back to a more traditional look, a “Nothing Fancy” approach, breathes a breath of fresh air into our beloved Brownies. The Dawg Pound is starving for a winner and with players like Baker, OBJ, Jarvis Landry, and Nick Chubb, you should be able to wear these jerseys with pride. Not just in the Muni Lot, but in public saying, I am a Browns fan, deal with it.

We just want to feel good about being Browns fans again. We are a simple bunch and at the end of the day. We just want wins and if we look good, that’ll be a nice little bonus.

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Author: Milly Rock

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