Ohio State is Still Losing, Even Without Basketball

As a college athlete, you should be able to go to whatever school you want to. There should be no rules stopping you from moving schools because you’re not being paid to play. If I wanted to transfer from Kent State, I could easily do it with no questions asked. With all of that said, I can still be upset that half of Ohio State’s roster is transferring.

First, I fully expected DJ Carton to leave. He sat out half the season with mental health issues, and the writing was easily visible on the walls, he wasn’t happy at Ohio State. Carton probably would have been the best returning player next season, but I’m not that upset about him leaving.

Then Kaleb Wesson declared for the draft. It’s hard to stop a player from going pro and earning life-changing money, but Kaleb might not even be drafted. Best case scenario, he’s a late second-round pick, and his stock won’t be rising since it will be much more difficult for teams to complete pre-draft workouts with the coronavirus pandemic.

After Wesson declared, Alonzo Gaffney entered the transfer portal. He didn’t really play last season, but still had a lot of potential. Gaffney probably would not have played serious minutes next season, but we did lose some serious depth down low.

And now today, Luther Muhammad decided to enter the transfer portal, and this one is mind-boggling. Muhammad was a starter this year and would be a starter next year as well. What team would put you in a better spot? I can’t see into Luther’s personal life, but he’s a perfect fit for Holtmann’s grit and grind defense. It’s definitely disappointing to see him go.

Fortunately for Ohio State, they did sign Harvard transfer Seth Towns, the number one transfer player with immediate eligibility. They will be adding more reinforcements with Cal transfer, Justice Sueing, now eligible after sitting out last season and two other high school recruits coming into the fold.

I think Ohio State can win a Big Ten title next year, but these are still a lot of unforeseen losses. If Holtmann doesn’t coach up a great team next year, his seat might begin to heat up.

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