Who’s The Biggest ‘Tiger King’ Scumbag? – A Breakdown

By now, I’m sure all of you have seen the Netflix docu-series “Tiger King”. It’s a 7 episode series explaining how a bunch of red-necks and psychopaths bred, sold, and displayed big cats for the their redneck neighbors. If you have not seen Tiger King, put down your phone right now or close your laptop and watch it because it will throw you through a whirl-wind. Not because it’s got a bunch of twists and turns, but because you’ll find yourself asking, “are you f*cking kidding me?!”

With all of that being said, which character from the Tiger King is the biggest red-neck scumbag of them all? Let’s break it down, and I’ll let you all decide.

Joe Exotic

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Let’s just get this right out of the way and start with the Tiger King himself, Joe Exotic, “the gay, gun-carrying, redneck with a mullet”. You can argue that a lot of what Joe did ‘technically’ wasn’t illegal, but I think we can all agree this dude was a huge scumbag. Essentially, you’ve got a guy who owns a shit-load of big cats, monkeys, and other animals who can’t afford them so he puts them on display in his “zoo” which is just like his backyard with a bunch of cages, and hires ex-convicts who are meth’d out of their minds as employees because “they’ve got no place else to go”. If that doesn’t scream scumbag I don’t what does.

However, the scumbaggiest thing Joe Exotic ever did wasn’t even the fact that he plotted to (allegedly) kill Carol Baskin, it was the fact that at his husband’s funeral, (his husband, not gay, only married to Joe because of meth addiction) he told the entire crowd present that his now late-husband LOVED having sex with Joe. Once he got the funeral out of the way, he sang one of his own songs for everyone present and then tried to sell some of his country music CDs. So crazy and one of the biggest scumbag moves of all time. Also, such a funny moment to watch in the documentary…well, it’s funny if you have a cynical sense of humor like myself.

Bhagavan “Doc” Antle

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For the better part of this docu-series, Doc Antle comes off pretty well. He looks like he treats his animals well, they’re well fed and happy, he’s well known by politicians and big cat owners all around the world, and he has a staff that doesn’t look like they just got out of prison. Everybody wins! All was going well for Doc until they interviewed a former employee and “girlfriend”, who basically outed the guy like no other.

She explains that Doc essentially runs his “zoo” like a sex cult where he is a “God” and all of the young, impress-able women he hires need to sleep with him in order to grow in the ranks of being zoo-keepers and to be held in higher esteem with himself. He then gives them a giant house if they marry him and he lets them play with the tigers all the time. She later went on to explain that it’s assumed that once these tigers get passed their “kitten stage” he takes them outback and kills them because they’re no longer profitable.

Now, that was never proven, but I think there’s enough evidence for the viewer to see Doc as a major scumbag in all of this. Now, he’s no Joe Exotic but he’s definitely a crazy person.

Howard Baskin

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I threw Howard Baskin in there, not so much because I think he’s a scumbag, I just think he’s a giant pushover and ultimately one of the funnier characters from this series. The guy is probably the biggest cuck in the history of cucks and is absolutely a giant loser. There is zero way you could ever tell me that Howard Baskin is with Carol Baskin for any other reason than he’s a giant loser and could never land anyone else so he just took the crazy cat lady who makes millions and maybe (definitely) killed her ex-husband. So now Howard just does anything Carol says because he doesn’t want to die and he knows he couldn’t land anyone else. Also, not for nothing but check out their wedding photos, all-time pushover this guy.

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Rick Kirkham

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Rick Kirkham was one of my favorite characters in this show. He’s a legit reporter who worked for Inside Edition, he has real-world experience in film and TV, and he saw Joe Exotic the way we all did, as a psychopath who would make incredible television. I like to think of Rick as the ‘voice of the people’ in this series. He told it how it was and gave (somewhat) of an objective point of view of the whole situation, which is exactly what this giant series of ‘he said, she said’ needed.

However, anyone willing to spend years filming and living with someone because he knows that that person is a dumb redneck who will be an easy target to make fun of is definitely a scumbag. I’m not saying I wouldn’t do it, I definitely have had my scumbag moments in life, but you have to call a spade a spade sometimes and by definition, Rick Kirkham is a scumbag.

Allen Glover

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Allen was the handyman at Joe Exotic’s zoo once Jeff Lowe took it over. I don’t exactly remember the relationship Allen had with Jeff, but they both seemed to be in cahoots with each other the entire time they were in the series. Allen was essentially the low-life idiot who would do the dirty work Jeff Lowe didn’t want to do. So much so that he volunteered to be the one to take Joe’s murder money to then later kill Carol Baskin. Obviously we know he didn’t do it but he took the money nonetheless and seemed to be in on the fact that Jeff Lowe was gonna take Exotics zoo right from under him. I don’t even think I have to explain why Glover is scumbag, he just is. Look at him, listen to him talk, and look at all of the stuff he was involved in. The guy just screams scumbag.

Kelci Saffery

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It may seem a little confusing why I put Kelci in here, but let me explain. So Kelci was one of the ‘down on their luck’ workers Joe Exotic had at his zoo. She’s famous in the docu-series because at one point when feeding the tigers, she had her arm torn apart through the fence. It was a very compelling and shocking part of the series and one where you for sure think this is a giant moment in the timeline of Joe Exotic. But nope. Nothing happens. She goes to the hospital, elects to get her arm cut off, and then RETURNS TO WORK WITHIN A WEEK! I’m not saying Kelci did anything scumbag-like in this docu-series, but she must have some ugly skeletons in her closet if she’s going back to Joe Exotics rag-tag zoo within a week of losing her arm. Unreal. Kelci is a potential scumbag.

Tim Stark

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Tim Stark is another character who has the very high potential of being a major scum bag. Stark actually came off pretty well throughout most of the docu-series and took on a somewhat similar role Rick Kirkham took on with being a ‘voice of the people’. However, at the end of the series he goes into business with Jeff Lowe, which later on its explained that Lowe screws Stark over like he did Joe Exotic, and the series ends with Tim Stark saying he’s gonna get revenge on Jeff Lowe.

From what I remember, Stark never really did anything other than be a good business partner and owned a few big cats himself. He did look like a trashy redneck but in this case everyone did. All in all, I think Tim Stark has some skeletons in his closet and a few aces up his sleeve. I don’t think it’s the last we’ve seen of Tim Stark and I think he’ll ultimately prove to be a giant scumbag.

Carole Baskin

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Carole “That Damn Bitch” Baskin, owner of Big Cat Rescue, has quickly become the punching bag of America, and rightfully so. She’s a crazy person. Carole’s backstory is that she’s always loved cats, even from a very young age where she was forbidden from having any cats. She grew up, married a scumbag who beat her up, divorced him and married a multi-millionaire who had a bunch of cats. Carole lived for years promoting the breeding of cats and tiger/lion cub petting and picture taking. Her then-husband was talking about divorcing her and leaving her with nothing. Days later, the husband disappears, Carol steals his will, has it changed to essentially say, “If I disappear, give everything to Carole” (which is wild), she then inherits everything and changes her story to be a big cat rescuer and despises anyone who owns big cats.

Carole is a giant scumbag. This lady DEFINITELY killed her husband and fed him piece by piece to her tigers. Also, the absolute balls on this lady to have the guy’s will changed to fit her exact plan, then she writes everyone else out of his will except for her! What a savage. The biggest scumbag thing Carole ever did though was her giant switch-a-roo from being a big cat breeder to being an advocate for rescuing big cats all over the world in captivity. Then she turns around and puts all of her rescued cats on display for the world to pay to come see. She took the activist route and it made her a millionaire. She doesn’t even have to pay her employees because they all just volunteer to be part of a “good cause.” Carole Baskins is an evil genius and very much one of the biggest scumbags to walk the face of the Earth.

Jeff Lowe

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That leaves us with king scumbag himself, Jeff Lowe. In my opinion, Jeff Lowe is the biggest scumbag of them all, and I don’t think I’m alone in that thought. His whole schtick is that he comes off as being a really rich dude who is interested in helping someone save their business. He rents mansions, gets the person to think he’s loaded, they sign their business over to him, and then tries to get rid of the other person.

On top his business deals, he convinced Joe Exotic into plotting to murder Carole Baskin (didn’t take a lot of convincing), he then backed out of the Carole Baskin murder plot and made it look like it was all Joe, got into business with Tim Stark, and is now screwing Tim Stark over. He has a young wife who he got pregnant and then hired a smoke-show nanny who he admits to having sex with on the side of his wife saying, “wouldn’t you?” But the biggest thing of all. The worst thing of all. The thing that shouts, “I’m a scumbag!” more than anything? He wears nothing but Affliction t-shirts, a bandana, and drives a Hummer. I mean, Jeff Lowe’s lifestyles, “WOOF!”

I could go on for hours on why Jeff Lowe is a giant scumbag and I think we would all agree. However, I want to hear from you all of you reading this who you think the biggest scumbag is. Comment below!

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  1. Carol Baskin is a murderer. Joe Exotic tried to murder a murderer. Carol #1 scum and Joe #2 scum. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

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