Joe Thomas’ Browns Draft Prediction

Future Hall of Famer, and Cleveland Browns legend, Joe Thomas, joined 92.3 The Fan’s Baskin and Phelps (puke) to discuss everything from his life outside of football to his involvement with the Ohio Children’s Hunger Alliance. Joe is a stand-up guy who has rallied for all things Cleveland and Ohio ever since he was drafted and we love him for it. However, the biggest takeaway from the interview was his prediction for the Browns 10th overall pick in this year’s NFL draft, Mekhi Becton.

Photo Courtesy of the New York Jets

Mekhi is a 6’7″, 364 lb first-team All-ACC offensive tackle who played college ball for Louisville. He has experience on both sides of the line and is a massive human being, which makes up for his ‘decent’ mechanics. He’s not the sexiest offensive tackle on the board as far as skills go, but man oh man can his size and athleticism help this line out.


“I think Mekhi Becton is the guy that fits the Browns’ system, really well actually. Not only is he the size of Jonathan Ogden, but he’s also the athleticism of Jonathan Ogden,” Thomas said. “Now that’s not saying he’s going to have a first ballad hall of fame career, but I think the combination of Bill Callahan (O-Line Coach), and a system run by Kevin Stefanski that fits big athletic guys perfectly, it would just be such a great fit and it would be so fun to watch him out there at Left Tackle for like 10 years.”

I think that’s all I need to hear. Personally, I don’t know a ton about being an offensive lineman, but I’m gonna trust the guy who’s done it and done it well for years more than I’m gonna trust a bunch of nerd boys talking on the radio. To summarize, you can’t teach size and athleticism, and Mekhi Becton has that. So, is Mekhi a lock at #10? What do you think? Comment below.

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  1. I dont like taking players and switching positions.Becton was a right tackle all in college. To switch in the pros to left
    causes problems. Remember when we drafted Mike Junkin and switched him from inside linebacker to outside? From 4-3 to 3-4? That didn’t work.

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