The MLB Just Saved The Day

According to multiple sources, the MLB, MLBPA, and Sony have teamed up to put on an MLB season in Sony’s video game MLB The Show 20.

Essentially, each team will have one player represent their team in this scenario. Those teams will play in a 29-game regular season, followed by a typical post-season bracket playoff. The games will be 3-innings each and you can watch them live or on replay on Twitch or Youtube. As for my hometown, the Cleveland Indians have selected Carlos Santana to be their representative to pick up the sticks.


Well, there you have it folks. Baseball is [sort of] back! The MLB has made the first good decision ever as an organization and brought back sports for the people. The best part about it is the fact that it’s free! This has single handedly turned around my quarantine. I mean, I’m sitting here typing this article with a sore neck (don’t worry, I’m fine, the blog game never stops) and this news took my neck pain from a 6/10 to a clear 2/10. Hats off the MLB for this move.

Now, the only question is, did each team pick the right player? What do you think? Also, who are you rooting for? Comment below!

Cheers friends, Jiggy

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