NFL Referees Still Manage to Miss Calls in Quarantine

After just one season of replay review for missed pass interference calls, the NFL voted to remove the ability to challenge said plays. They also shot down the idea of a sky judge, who could review any missed call on the field.

This is exactly what Roger Goodell wanted. The only reason he even added the replay review was due to the horrific missed call in the NFC Championship game in 2018.

Goodell didn’t even want to add this new rule, so he implemented it to fail. Pass interference challenges were overturned only 5% of the time this year. Even when there were obvious missed calls on the field, NFL VP of Officiating, Al Riveron, refused to overturn calls.

If the rule was implemented properly, it would have never been a problem. All they had to do is look over to the newly created league to find the perfect formula. The XFL already had the system down pat. They had a sky judge, who would stop play if they wanted to review something. Then, he would radio down to the officials that he was reviewing the play, and he had one minute to make his decision. After reviewing the play, if there was no conclusive evidence to overturn the decision, the call on the field would stand.

It’s not hard, but Roger Goodell sucks at his job and doesn’t believe in happiness. Maybe the NFL will figure out their awful officiating one day, but today is not that day.

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