Each NFL Team’s Worst Uniform

In our current coronavirus world, we’re seeing a ton of NFL teams release new uniforms. Is it because they truly planned on releasing new uni’s or is it simply because they’re bored and trying to stay relevant? I guess we’ll never know. What we do know, is that while some have been a pleasant surprise, most of them have missed the boat in the eyes of the fans.

Here is a list of every NFL teams worst uniform combination of all time. The only qualification is that the team has to have worn the uni’s on the field for at least one official NFL game.

Arizona Cardinals

Photo Courtesy of USA Today

This was a tough one for me. I personally love the red, black, and white color scheme so it’s hard for me to say that any of their uni’s were “bad” but I think personally they are the ugliest of the bunch. A lot of my research has shown me that the fans didn’t like the black tops and white pants, but I honestly dig those and think they look great. Either way, I think these would be the ones I would pick as “ugliest.” Something about this uni screams “Madden Create-A-Team” to me.

Atlanta Falcons

Photo Courtesy of Bleacher Report

Again, this is a tough one for me since I really enjoy the red and black color scheme. However, I do not dig the red top on black pants. Any time you have a brighter color on your top than you do on your pants, it’s a no go. This looks like something a high school team would wear. The black pants should only go with the black jerseys, which is what they do now and I commend them for it, but this just isn’t it.


Baltimore Ravens

Photo Courtesy of The Toilet Bowl

I mean, do I even have to say it? Puke! These are so astronomically bad. The fact that the Ravens organization let their team walk out on to the field in this makes me want to hurl. It’s not uncommon for teams to mix up their alternative color schemes for a uniform combination. Hell, sometimes it looks lovely! But I don’t know if you could look me in the face and tell me these look good. You’d have to be Charles Manson type of crazy to think these look good.

The only way they could fix this is by going all one color. All purple looks great, heck even all mustard yellow would look somewhat okay (shoutout Jacksonville Jaguars), but this is putrid. I hope these never make the field again.

Buffalo Bills

Photo Courtesy of Football Outsiders

These uniforms may be more painful than 4-straight Super Bowl losses. These uni’s came out in 2002 and left so many fans wondering, “who the hell approved this?!” Everything about these uni’s sucks. First off, the shoulder bad outline looks like something a child would pick. The blue doesn’t even match! The striping down the side of the jersey doesn’t match the striping down the pants. And lastly, if you look closely at the helmet, you will find 5 different colors on it. It’s simply too busy. Quite possibly the worst uniforms ever put together.


Carolina Panthers

Photo Courtesy of Charlotte Five

The Carolina Panthers have had essentially the same set of uniforms throughout their entire franchise history, so it’s hard to pick this one. However, if you break down their color scheme you’ll see exactly why I picked what I picked.

Their home uni’s are black, which is the color of their mascot. Their alternative uni’s are the same blue that the state of North Carolina is known for. Both the black and blue uni’s are worn with silver pants, sometimes switching to all black or all blue.

But, when the Panthers are on the road, they wear white pants. Why? Why not show some continuity and wear silver or black? Doing that would make these road uni’s look so much better in my opinion. Continuity is key.

Chicago Bears

Photo Courtesy of ChatSports

Stripes?! Never again Chicago. The Bears haven’t changed much about their uniforms for decades, but that’s okay! There’s something so nice about a team that can keep it simple. These uni’s look like the team is in the Kentucky Derby and should never see the light of day again.

However, it should be mentioned that their newer striped uni’s are pretty sick.

Photo Courtesy of Sporting News

Cincinnati Bengals

Photo Courtesy of Bleacher Report

When Paul Brown departed from Cleveland and took part in the expansion that was the Cincinnati Bengals, he decided to make his mark on the league once again. And he did it the only way he knew how, by making a uniform set to look exactly like his old team’s.

Paul Brown wanted to recreate what he had in Cleveland. Instead, he made everyone in the state of Ohio very confused. It doesn’t matter how you look at, these uniforms look exactly the same as the Browns. While Paul Browns may have been a great football mind, the man didn’t have a creative bone in his body.

It wasn’t until 1981 that the team finally switch it up and add the tiger stripes to the helmet (shoutout Joe Exotic). Surprisingly that year the Bengals went to the Super Bowl. Wild. Sometimes a uniform change can spark something in a team to just do better because they look better. Imagine their success if they had changed it sooner.

Cleveland Browns

Photo Courtesy of Sports Illustrated

I should say, I am biased here. I am a die-hard Cleveland Browns fan and this was hard for me to choose. However, I have to say I wasn’t the biggest fan of the orange top on the brown pants. Some say they aren’t a fan of the orange at all and that we should stick to brown. I personally like the orange a lot, I think it’s a nice touch. However, similar to the Falcons jerseys mentioned earlier in the article, I’m not a fan of brighter colors on darker pants, especially when the pants are brown.

Hopefully the jerseys that are supposed to be released today live up the hype and leave our old jersey flops in the past. Go Brownies!


Dallas Cowboys

Photo Courtesy of USA Today

The Cowboys traditionally wear white at home. It’s a scheme they came up with to enhance TV colors to offset the opposing team’s dark jerseys. It’s also known that the Cowboys blue jerseys are “cursed” and “bad luck” according to the NFL folk-lore. So much so that teams will wear their white jerseys to force Dallas into wearing their blue jerseys.

Personally, from an outsiders perspective, these jerseys just look ugly. They look like a jersey you’d see in a commercial where they just took some stock footage of a football players catching a pass or throwing a football. Nothing special and certainly nothing unique. If they absolutely have to wear their blue jerseys, stick to something that highlights your team, not this.

Denver Broncos

Photo Courtesy of USA Today

This is one of the worst uniforms ever put on a football field and I don’t even think I need to explain why. Honoring the past is a great idea, but there’s a reason they don’t use these uni’s anymore, straight up ugly. The color scheme is just bad, and when the socks get twisted it looks ridiculous. Never again, Denver.


Detroit Lions

Photo Courtesy of Bleacher Report

In the 2000s, there was this giant push by teams come out with black uniforms. It just seemed like every team tried to get a black uni on the field. A few years ago, the Lions did just that. However, it’s easy to see why this just doesn’t do it. On top of the fact that it’s not esthetically pleasing, black isn’t even part of the Lions’ original color scheme. The black from the jersey clashes with the helmets which doesn’t feature any black whatsoever. Thankfully they left this uni set in the dust.

Green Bay Packers

Photo Courtesy of WLUK

Following the 75th-anniversary throwback craze in 1994, the Packers brought back their tan pants and broad yellow shoulder blades to the scene. On top of that, the all-yellow helmet is not appealing to the eyes at all. They looked like a poor man’s Michigan Wolverines jersey. Like something you’d buy off a vendor walking into the stadium.


Houston Texans

Photo Courtesy of Houston Chronicle

Houston, we have a major problem, and it’s red. All red just doesn’t do it for me at all. It’s way too much. They do have an alternative to this jersey where they wear white pants with it and that seems fine, but this just stands out too much. Like if red is your alt color, that’s fine, but you can’t make an entire uniform set out of it.

Indianapolis Colts

Photo Courtesy of Bleacher Report

The Colts are another one of those teams where the “less is more” motto fits so well. For one game in their franchise history the Colts wore blue pants with a white top. And in all honesty, it doesn’t even look too bad. My only problem is that the Colts have always worn white pants throughout their entire franchise history, why mess with a classic look?

I will say, their all-blue color rush uni’s don’t look half bad, but I’m not a fan of the white on blue. Don’t change, Indianapolis.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Photo Courtesy of Bleacher Report

The Jacksonville Jaguars are notorious for making changes to their jerseys more often than any other team in the NFL. The jerseys you see above are a product of just that. They had a pretty simple jersey in their inaugural season, and then two seasons later they added a black stripe down the side of the top. The stripe didn’t match the stripe of the pants at all and ultimately made the jersey look like something 13-year-old me would design in Madden.

Ultimately, wouldn’t you know it, the team ditched the look the very next year. A lot of people thought I was gonna pick the yellow color rush jerseys but I love those jerseys so damn much. They’re great.

Kansas City Chiefs

Photo Courtesy of Forbes

Honestly, the Chiefs don’t even have a bad uniform set. Why? Because they had the same two looks throughout their entire franchise history. For some teams, change is good. But for the Chiefs, it isn’t even necessary and they have handled their jerseys very well.


Miami Dolphins

Photo Courtesy of Bleacher Report

Much like the Bills poor jersey choice, this color scheme just doesn’t look good. I don’t mind Miami’s teal jerseys with their current bright teal color scheme, but this is too dark and looks horrible. Wouldn’t you know, the teal on teal look was never worn again. The Dolphins’ current look is much cleaner, as they tend to wear their all-white uni’s more often. Let’s keep it that way.

Honorable Mention: The all-orange color rush jerseys. You either love those jerseys or absolutely hate them, there’s no in-between.

Minnesota Vikings

Photo Courtesy of Sporting News

Purple on purple can work sometimes. Heck, look at the Ravens. But this just looks ugly. I don’t know how many times I can type this into this article, but these look like someone made them in Madden. Like, this is very similar to the Texans’ all-red look. It’s just too much and looks so ugly. I think I speak for everyone when I say that the Vikings have one of the worst uniform sets every single year. They have a great color scheme that they just never quite seem to get right. Hopefully, they can figure it out.

New England Patriots

Photo Courtesy of lachaineducoeur.com

In the ’90s, the Patriots moved on from Patriot Pat to the Flying Elvis (horrible name for a mascot). They said they wanted to put Flying Elvis into the jersey more. So much so that they put the logo on the helmet and on both shoulder pads. I don’t 100% hate the move, but it’s just too much of that logo. The Patriots have some of the best, coolest looking throwback jerseys in the NFL, but I’m glad they moved on from this look.

New York Giants

Photo Courtesy of NJ.com

So you’re telling me that Big Blue, the team that is so notoriously known for sporting the color blue, went all red? Yuck. These jerseys only lasted two years before the team hung them up and for good reason. Part of me thinks this jersey only happened because Reebok needed more jersey sales because, well, they’re Reebok. Let’s hope we never see these again.


New York Jets

Photo Courtesy of Elite Sports New York

The Jets ugliest jersey actually came out very recently! This uniform set is such a joke. It looks so astronomically bad. The Jets are yet another one of those teams who just need to keep it simple. Their older uniforms with the strips on the shoulder pad were good enough. These look bad, bad, bad. Something about these jerseys just doesn’t click. It just seems like something is missing or isn’t right, I can’t quite pinpoint it but it doesn’t do it for me.

New Orleans Saints

Photo Courtesy of Blogging The Boys

I was having a tough time finding an “ugly” jersey for the Saints…until I stumbled upon this one. For the most part the Saints have a great color scheme and have always looked pretty sharp on the field, but these don’t do it for me. It’s too gold for me, and the biggest piece that hurts my brain is the fact that the gold on the jersey in no way matches the helmet. Just seems like they needed another jersey to try to sell and I don’t like it.

Las Vegas (formerly Oakland) Raiders

Photo Courtesy of Forbes

I can’t put anything in here because the Raiders have kept it very simple since the dawn of their existence. Silver and black, all day every day. Never change.

Philadelphia Eagles

Photo Courtesy of The Nose Bleeds

This jersey went away as quickly as it appeared. The jersey is based on the city’s flag colors, but I don’t think they should’ve ever been created. They asked “could we?” when they really should’ve been asking themselves “should we?” All-time horrible uniform.


Pittsburgh Steelers

Photo Courtesy of Long Island Weekly

Once a year, the Steelers trot out onto the field with one of the ugliest uniform sets of all time. Knowing Pittsburgh fans, they’re going to say how much they love this jersey, but we all know that this is incredibly ugly right? They may be one of the winningest franchises in the NFL, but this jersey lost and lost big time.

Los Angeles (formerly San Diego) Chargers

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

The powdered blue on top of the yellow pants is just plain ugly. The pants being all yellow is too much. With that being said, it’s a very classic look for the Chargers but there’s a reason they don’t wear it anymore. It looks gross.

San Francisco 49ers

Photo Courtesy of Sporting News

The 49ers are another one of those teams that I can’t quite pinpoint a jersey that was their “ugliest” of all time. They have always stuck to a pretty classic look and it’s worked for them. The all-black may raise some eye brows but I personally dig them so, for the 49ers it’s a toss-up.

Los Angeles (formerly St. Louis) Rams

Photo Courtesy of AP Photo/Santa Barbara News-Press, Mike Eliason

The photos of these jerseys are a rare find, fortunately for the Rams, they only wore them for one game. The jerseys are just too plain and the sleeves didn’t have the classic Ramshorn. The blue on the jersey didn’t even match the Rams blue on the helmet, which is still a common theme the Rams do today and I’ll never understand it.


Seattle Seahawks

Photo Courtesy of Uni Watch

Normally I would say I love the Seahawks’ uniforms, but these are just bad. Each piece of this uniform is good in its own right, but together it just doesn’t make sense. The “powder blue” helmet color with a green jersey top and dark blue pants with a green stripe that doesn’t match the jersey or the helmet? It’s almost like they didn’t do their laundry and needed to just use what was clean.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Photo Courtesy of Redpepper Has Ideas

Thankfully, the Bucs came out with some new uni’s that are pretty sweet so we can forget about these baby puke colored throw backs. Part of me has a lot of nostalgia when it comes to certain throw backs but this is so ugly. Like who picked the weird yellow-orange color to go with the red? Such a confusing color scheme that I don’t think has ever before been seen in sports.

Tennessee Titans

Photo Courtesy of Forbes

Once again, the pants are just too much. If you’re going to choose your main dark blue for your tops, don’t pick your bright powder blue alternative for the bottoms. Two different blues so heavily on top of each other just doesn’t flow.

Washington Redskins

Photo Courtesy of NBC Sports

The Redskins have sported burgundy colors throughout their entire existence, but they’ve never worn them together. That was, until 2008 when they went full burgundy-on-burgundy. This one isn’t so bad, but for some, it’s just too much burgundy. Everything from top to bottom, only breaking when you get to the cleats. Other than this setup, every other Redskins uni combo has been pretty solid.

Obviously everyone has their opinions. They may differ from my own. Comment below what jerseys you think should’ve been included and if you actually liked some of the ones listed above.

Cheers Friends, Jiggy

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