The 49ers Lost the Super Bowl Because They Care About the City of San Francisco

When up by 10 points in the waning minutes of the biggest sporting event in the US, the 49ers knew what they had to do, they had to lose. You might be asking, “why would San Francisco want to lose the Super Bowl”? That’s a very fair question, and the answer is: the 49ers care about the health of their city.

According to many health experts in an article written by the WSJ, if the 49ers would have won the Super Bowl, the city of San Francisco would have become an immediate hotbed for the coronavirus due to the post-victory parade and celebrations. Fortunately, Kyle Shanahan blew his second fourth-quarter lead in the Super Bowl to save his city (he was the offensive coordinator for the Falcons when they blew a 28-3 lead).


The West Coast was dealing with the pandemic much earlier on then the Midwest, so experts believe that at least one, if not more people, would have been sick at the parade.

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If this isn’t the greatest spin-zone of all time I don’t know what is. Kyle Shanahan is quickly creating a legacy of choking late in big games, and this can really change the public’s outlook on him. He was able to save millions of San Franciscans from living in the worst corona spot in the country. If they would have won, millions of people would have flocked to the Bay Area, and I doubt there would have been much social distancing going on there.

As a Cleveland fan, I’m not saying I would endure the coronavirus from partying at a Browns Super Bowl victory because I absolutely am not doing that. Browns fans are some of the worst people in the country and based on every team I cheer for, they’d be my last pick to win a championship. I might take on the coronavirus to see the Indians win a World Series, but that’s a completely different story.

I’ve gotten off-topic, but to sum it up, Kyle Shanahan was able to help cement Patrick Mahomes’ legacy into Super Bowl folklore, while also saving his city. I think a few 49ers fans wished they still would have won a championship, but not Kyle Shanahan, he cares too much about his great city to let that happen.

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