NFL Draft: Five Bold Takes

Do NOT let Jake Fromm get drafted by the Patriots:

Some people watched Fromm play every game this year and they think he is not very good. I guess you could say that it is fair since a lot of football fans and even some “draft gurus” agree with it. Let’s take a look at this past year, which is when this nonsense of him not being good came into everyone’s minds.

Last year Fromm’s completion percentage went down to about 61%, which is not ideal. What no one talks about is that he lost his top 4 wide recievers and his number one tight end. Even with all those losses, Fromm still threw 24 TDs compared to 5 Ints. Of those 5 Interceptions, they only came in 2 of his 14 games. Fromm knows how to take care of the ball and throw to the right guy.

One big knock Fromm has is that he does not have an NFL arm. However, if one coach can work with a QB who has a smaller arm and doesn’t turn the ball over, it’s Bill Belichick. Fromm already played in an NFL style offense and was a game manager with a great defense. Bill will get him through some minor kinks during the season, but Fromm to the Patriots, in my opinion, is the perfect player for the system they have and they could even trade their first-round pick to move back and still draft him. If Fromm goes to the Pats, give him a year and then expect the Pats to be the AFC powerhouse that they were with Brady for the past 2 decades. 

Yetur Gross-Matos is very overrated:

Every year, the “experts” love to put freakishly athletic edge rushers way too high on their boards. Yetur is an okay pass rusher, that is also okay against the run. He is not the best at keeping outside contain, which is very important to 4-3 defensive ends. Yetur clearly has the size and body of the ideal DE at 6’5, 266 pounds; however, his game is not that of a first-round edge rusher. Unless you are happy with an edge rusher that will get a maximum of 5 sacks in a season and is not a great run defender, he’s not the guy for you. As a Browns fan, he reminds me a lot of Carl Nassib who was selected in the 3rd round, which seems a lot closer to the spot where Yetur Gross-Matos should be drafted. 

Grant Delpit is too good to let fall into the 2nd round:

Being a Browns fan, I hope some NFL teams disagree with me and let Grant Delpit fall to the Browns in the second-round, just like Greedy Williams last year. Everyone is hating on him for his not so amazing season this past year. He obtained a high ankle sprain in LSU’s second game and played the entire season with this nagging injury. Delpit is a great cover safety that is not afraid to lay the wood when needed. There is a lot of talk about his tackling, just like Greedy Williams who proved himself as a solid tackler this year. Grant can come down and get to the QB when asked upon as well. The one thing he could use some work on is his range as a single high safety, but I think a lot of that was due to his lack of mobility and the loss of his top-end speed because of his ankle injury.

D’Andre Swift is not a 1st round draft pick:

Swift is a solid running back with solid receiving abilities. However, he does not show as much NFL talent as JK Dobbins and Jonathan Taylor. Swift is only 5’8, which is shorter than the other two and he weighs less than both. Swift does not have the ideal 3 down back body, with below-average top-end speed and lacking power. He has good vision, but is also a fan of putting the ball on the ground, which should make coaches wary of using a first-round or even a high second-round pick on him. If you ask me, Swift fits into the NFL as a running back by committee role, compared to Taylor and Dobbins who have the ability to be great 3 down backs. At least if your team drafts Swift, you should not have to worry about giving him the dreaded big running back contract extension that almost never works out (CMC I believe yours will).

Damon Arnette is a top 5 Cornerback:

As you heard, “Free Jefe”, Jeff Okudah, ask Mel Kiper Jr. on ESPN: “Why is Damon Arnette not considered one of the best DBs right now?” There is no logical explanation as to why he isn’t a top 50 prospect and why he is ranked as the number 10 cornerback according to CBS Sports. To be fair, there are a lot of great corners in this draft, but Arnette is an amazing cover corner who can play inside and outside with ease.

You can try and say that Damon was helped with another amazing number 1 corner in Okudah, or that he had an elite pass rusher in Chase Young, who was pressuring quarterbacks all year. Yes, this did make play easier for him, but he showed no lacking in coverage all season. Arnette seems like a sure-fire first-round talent to me, or at worst a 2nd round pick. I think he is the 4th best corner, maybe even 3rd. He is only behind Okudah, (obviously), then CJ Henderson, and maybe Kristian Fulton.

(BONUS) Dak Prescott is not a top 10 QB:

Yeah, this has nothing to do with draft prospects, but I do not care. Dak is very overrated. He has the best offensive line in the league, good wide receivers, solid tight ends, and a superstar running back. Any good QB would go off with the weapons and protection he has. Dak has had some solid stats, but he has not produced and led the team like you would want with all of this. He has a 1-2 record in the playoffs and only made it to the playoffs twice out of four years in a division with the only challenge being the Eagles. Dak does not deserve all the money he wants with what he has shown and how he has led this team. Save your money Jerry and find a QB in the draft as you did with Dak. Also, someone explain to Dak no parties during quarantine so we can get a damn NFL season this year. Sadly I don’t think it will happen at least with fans at the games.

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