Chris Webber Had One of the Weirdest Contracts of All Time

Every sports fan spent last night watching the Michael Jordan documentary. During one of the episodes, they talked about Scottie Pippen’s horrible contract. It was a great deal for the Bulls, but it is one of the all-time worst contracts for a player.

That deal might have been bad, but I recently found a contract that was even worse for everyone involved. Chris Webber signed one of, if not the weirdest contracts ever.

After being drafted by the Orlando Magic in 1993, he was immediately traded to the Golden State Warriors for Penny Hardaway and three first-round picks. First, that trade alone is terrible, but the contract he signed with the Warriors was even worse. He inked a FIFTEEN year, 74.4 million dollar deal. He hadn’t played a single game of NBA basketball and the Warriors wanted to risk all that time paying him?

Webber was a great NBA player, so what makes this team-friendly deal so bad for Golden State? Well, they decided to give Webber the option to opt-out after his first year. Chris Webber hated then Warriors head coach Don Nelson and decided to opt-out of the deal after winning rookie of the year that same season. Golden State knew he wasn’t going to stay so they agreed to sign and trade him to the Washington Bullets.

This was one of the dumbest clauses ever put into an NBA contract as Webber went on to make 5 All-NBA teams across his fifteen-year career in the NBA.

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