Please Browns Don’t Mess This Up

After another disappointing year, the Cleveland Browns hold the 10th overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. I say this with extreme caution but…I think this year is different. This roster, top to bottom, is significantly better than last year. One of the big issues with last year’s team was the incompetence of the offensive line. There were two good players and three really (and I mean REALLY) bad players. You can survive with three good players and two bad players on the offensive line, but you cannot survive with only two good players. The elite teams all have four above-average to really good players on the line. With the addition of Jack Conklin, the Browns now have three good players and the chance to add another one tonight, either through a trade or the 10th pick. The Browns have limitless possibilities with what they can do with their draft picks, these are a few scenarios I think could play out on draft night.

Isaiah Simmons

If Isaiah Simmons is magically on the board at 10…pounce. Take Simmons and try your damndest to trade into the tail end of the first round and either take Jones, Jackson, or Ezra Cleveland. OR trade for Trent Williams…more on that below.

Trade For Trent Williams

I am certain that Williams can still play at an elite level, even at the age of 31. But, you cannot overpay for him. I do not believe the Browns should trade the 10th pick for him, but if you can manage a combination of picks with one of the third-rounders this year and another one next year, then do it immediately. Taking Williams frees you up to trade from the 10th pick if Simmons is not on the board for a safety or a linebacker such as Kenneth Murray or Grant Delpit. Hell, it could even give you the flexibility with your draft capital to trade up and take Simmons. Williams obviously is not a 10-year solution, but he will get you to the end of Baker’s rookie contract, which is the window that gives the Browns the best chance to win a championship.

Stay Put and Take Whichever of the Four Tackles Fall

If I had my choice of the offensive tackles, my choice would be Jedrick Wills. He is the most complete tackle in this draft and is a NASTY run blocker, which is critical for Stefanski’s offense. He is good in pass pro and he is talented enough to switch from right tackle to left tackle in the NFL. It also helps that he has had experience protecting the blindside. If Wills is off the board, which he likely will be, then I would prefer to get Becton rather than Wirfs or Thomas. After you get your tackle, try your best to get Antoine Winfield Jr. from Minnesota to fill that void at safety.

Take a Player from Ohio State

Let’s get into the later round picks. I already mentioned that I would like for the Browns to get Antoine Winfield Jr. but I think the Browns should institute a “Buckeye a year” policy. Jonah Jackson would be an excellent solution at guard. He was elite in pass pro and he was another nasty blocker in the run game. He was the most underrated player on the 2019 Ohio State team, and he would be a great addition to the offensive line and is certainly a more talented player than Wyatt Teller. KJ Hill would also be a nice third round option as the Browns currently need a third wide receiver, and if they want to prepare for life without Jarvis Landry in a few years, Hill is a very similar player and would be an excellent solution.

There are a few players the Browns could go for in this draft, let me know who you think they should get.

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