The Message The Packers Are Sending Aaron Rodgers

With the NFL draft coming and going last week, there were several surprise picks. One of the most stunning being the Green Bay Packers selecting Jordan Love, the QB out of Utah State, in the first-round. This pick blindsided many fans who felt that the Packers needed to target wideouts this year, which the 2020 draft class seemed to be full of.

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Through Bleacher Report, an AFC coach who shall remain nameless described the pick as so, “The Packers couldn’t have sent a clearer message to Aaron. We run this, not you.” The article went on to explain that several other league executives and coaches feel this same way.


Now, this may have simply been the Packers making a decision that they thought was best for the team. And the idea that a franchise would waste a first-round pick to simply piss off a veteran player seems ridiculous. But it’s happened before, and to a polarizing player like Aaron Rodgers, it seems like a possible scenario.

Before the draft, Rodgers expressed that he wants the Packers to select a skill-position player in the first round, and it’s not hard to understand why. Sure the Packers have hit on late round guys in the past like Jordy Nelson, but those guys are almost always a gamble. It seems like it’s a popular opinion that the Packers have continuously let down Aaron Rodgers by not providing enough talent around him. To put it into perspective, the Packers have not drafted a skill-position player in the first round since 2005.

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To put it plainly, the Packers have not prioritized any skilled-position on the field and they would rather waste a pick on an unproven guy, who is rumored to have drug complications, and who plays the position that is the least needed on your football team, all to prove to one of their best players in franchise history that they run the show. It’s honestly comical.

The only good thing that is going to come out of this is that Rodgers is going to be playing with the biggest chip on his shoulder that we have ever seen. If you don’t think that Aaron Rodgers is upset with this pick then you’re wrong. Rodgers is the biggest grudge-holder this world has ever seen. With that being said, he’s a professional so you won’t hear him explicitly say anything about the situation, and if the Packers win, we may never truly know what he thought. However, if something very likely happens like a key offensive player getting hurt and the Packers lacking depth at wideout, you better believe Aaron Rodgers is not going to stay quiet.

This whole situation should end up being a very entertaining and interesting storyline to follow as we approach football season. Whether or not teams will take the field in 2020 is yet to be seen. But we do know that if they do, there will be no shortage of drama coming out of Green Bay, Wisconsin.


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