Are the Bears Moving on Without Trubisky?

Earlier today, the Chicago Bears made it official, they would not be picking up Mitchell Trubisky’s fifth-year option. This move indicates one of two things. Either they’re ready to declare their experiment flopped and are ready to move on, or they want to put even more heat on him. Personally, I’m not sure how to feel about this move, though it was always a possibility.

I remember the Bears trading up to get him, I was so excited! While I don’t think Jay Cutler was the issue with the Bears’ lack of success, I did think it was time to look at bringing someone else in. I couldn’t fathom why Ryan Pace and the Bears’ brass never wanted to pull the trigger on drafting a QB until they finally did. Their thought process panned out the first couple of seasons as Trubisky took the NFC North by storm in 2018, alongside the best defense, getting them into the NFC Championship game.

Needless to say, there was a ton of hype leading into the 2019 season after a stacked roster finished just shy of reaching the Super Bowl. Trubisky’s game regressed, as did the Bears as a whole with an 8-8 record. Somehow, Trubisky’s stats weren’t much worse as he threw seven fewer touchdowns and two fewer interceptions while still eclipsing over 3,000 yards passing. He faced a lot more pressure, sacked 38 times in 2019 (14 more times than 2018), being brought down nearly seven percent of his passing attempts.

The Bears addressed some needs with their 2020 draft picks but waited till the very end to beef up their offensive line. I’m a firm believer that the O-Line is more imperative than the quarterback because if the QB doesn’t have time to make the right decision, mistakes happen. Bears fans know all too well about that. Chicago also signed Nick Foles in the offseason, which brought a positive buzz to the city and its fans. Personally, I thought he was brought in as a quality backup, after all, that’s all he’s really been in his career. Foles also has the postseason experience and endurance to help late in the season. I didn’t think he’d get his shot at starting until midway through the 2020 season, depending on Trubisky’s performance and health.

With the Bears not picking up Trubisky’s fifth-year option, has the front office signaled they found their starter for the next couple of seasons in Foles? I highly doubt they opt to franchise tag or re-sign Trubisky to a longer-term deal regardless of this season, I just don’t. The sad thing is, now that Chicago has tried with him and didn’t get the results they desired, how much are they willing to try by drafting a new signal-caller next season? I don’t think Chicago will do bad enough to get one of the better prospects, and I don’t think they’re a franchise wanting to tank for a player either.

To make matters even more interesting, with no training camps likely this year, we won’t get to see how Trubisky and Foles stack up till the season begins, whenever that is. I still believe in Trubisky, he has the tools to be successful and the weapons around him. He proved he could be the face of the franchise during his sophomore year. Here’s to hoping he can learn from Foles and find his game once again before it’s too late and he’s beating us in an opponent’s uniform.

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Author: Mike Burvee

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