Drew’s Deep Dive: Week Three

I did nothing worth noting this week. That’s the same as the first two weeks that I’ve done these blogs, but this might have been the worst of them. Before I get into my new deep dives, I have a few updates to get into from week two.


  • If you look very closely in the picture above you will see a book. This is the same book I talked about last week, except it has more stuff on top of it. If the picture didn’t give it away, no I didn’t start reading yet. The worst part, I kinda forgot the book was even there. The odds I finish this or even start this book have become astronomically small.
  • My grandma’s lawnmower truly is a mortal enemy. This time, it took nearly two hours to get it going. It probably just needs a new spark plug, (dad’s recommendation) but I was just too stubborn to leave her house without cutting the grass. Well, I did leave for a couple of minutes to grab a burger, but that’s it, I swear. I’ve also realized that every time I give the lawnmower an ultimatum, it magically starts up. I quickly threaten the lawnmower that I’m going to leave on this final attempt, and boom, it’s ready to go. Now on to this week’s thoughts.

This Week:

  • Why is it that every sport I don’t care about is returning to action? First, we had Korean baseball. Of course I like baseball, but not 1 AM baseball. Next up, Bundesliga Soccer made its return to Germany. Unlike Korean baseball, I can at least name three teams from this league; however, it’s soccer, so is it really even a sport? And speaking of things that aren’t really sports, NASCAR came back this week too. Sadly, I think I’d rather watch soccer then NASCAR, and I never watch soccer. So are sports really even back? No.
  • Do you ever write something down in your notes, but then have no idea what you were thinking about? That happened to me with this blog. I try to brainstorm throughout the week for this series by writing down short snippets of what I want to talk about. This week I wrote: “Steelers if we got nothing”. I have to imagine it was something about bashing the Steelers, but I don’t really know what that could be. If anyone can decipher my babblings, please let me know in the comments.

That’s all I’ve got this week. I’m shocked I made it through three weeks of doing these. So, if you missed last week’s deep dive, check it out here. Thank you for reading.

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