The Return of There’s Always Next Year: Show Link and Recap

On this episode of There’s Always Next Year, Zane and I breakdown our hot takes of the week (1:15-4:30). Afterward, we talked about the state of basketball and baseball, and if they’re going to get underway (4:40-9:05). Next, we got into the meat of our show, where we broke down our top 10s of the week: which animals we want to domesticate (9:50-25:00). We then looked at questions that were sent to us before the show and answered them (25:50-32:30). Lastly, Zane and I broke down our show of the week OBX (33:10-36:00). Tune in whenever we release our next episode on our YouTube channel, There’s Always Next Year, and make sure to like, comment, and subscribe.

Author: Drew Thirion
Founder of On The Lake Sports. Follow me on social media platforms @drew_thirion

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