Three Takeaways From The Match II

Who would’ve thought that golf would end up benefiting from the COVID pandemic? Golf isn’t back entirely, but due to the sheer fact no other sports are available, it’ll produce high ratings. That seemed to be the case when four GOATs of their respective sports came together for a charity golf round. Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods were back at it for another “Match”, this time adding Tom Brady and Peyton Manning in the mix.

Here are three takeaways I had from the match.

Sports are as important as ever

For generic sports fans, this is a given. We all know the impact that sports can have on our lives, the economy, and whatnot. Athletes and celebrities alike realize what’s been happening and they’re all pitching in. During their match, a live auction was being held for events or items to help raise more funds. Woods was auctioning off personal putting lessons, and Mickelson auctioned off a whole round of golf with himself. Other top golfers and celebrities also took to Twitter throughout in support and pledging funds.

Brooks Koepka pledged $100,000 if Brady could get par or better on the front nine. That didn’t seem like too difficult a challenge, but Brady’s play to begin with suggested otherwise. Charles Barkley seemed to agitate Brady on the seventh hole before he chipped in from 150 yards out.

The biggest donations were from the players themselves, who stated they’d donate their winning purses outright. That move generated $20 million by itself towards their total funds. Certain holes were also deemed charity holes sponsored by specific groups or organizations. One hole, all four players could only use one club, which resulted in them putting with irons. Another hole was who could hit it closest to the pin, with different measurements generating different values of money.

Their match was geared towards raising money but they also did more than just that. The quad also provided some much-needed entertainment for the general public going through so much adversity. Sports are known for helping people get through tough times, and this instance has been no different.

Tom Brady isn’t great at everything

Brady might be the best on the football field, but the golf course isn’t his gig. There’s a lot of Brady fans, but in comparison, there are a lot more people who despise or could care less about him. Personally, I’m somewhere in the middle and I give him props for putting himself out there for a good cause. I’m not sure if Brady normally plays that mediocre when he golfs, but from what he displayed for this match, it wasn’t pretty.

While he started off slow, Brady turned his game up a notch on the back nine. As Barkley stated at one point, “Brady will close strong, because that’s what he does. He’s one of the best to ever do it”. It was interesting to note how Brady didn’t even have a driver in his bag, with his longest club being a three wood or driving iron. On the back nine, he made some putts to keep him and Mickelson in contention, and hit some fairways as well. To be fair, Manning wasn’t that much better off the tee, but it was fun to watch him and Brady go at it.

Tiger v Phil (2.0)

There was no shortage of hype when Woods and Mickelson announced they’d likely have a rematch after their first “Match” last year. Details weren’t released and the idea was put to bed until early on during the pandemic. The sequel was already sought after with the countdown officially on, and then they added Brady and Manning to the mix. Had it been just the two of them for a rematch, it would’ve been fair to compare it to an event along the lines of Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather duking it out again, or Conner McGregor and Khabib squaring off in the cage again.

Woods and Mickelson love to poke fun at each other and this was no different. They were mic’d up the whole time, resulting in some comedic moments. There wasn’t much jabs going on between them, but when they did it was well worth it.

Mickelson had plenty of A1 moments himself, showing off the personality some people loved and others disliked.

This Match was a huge success, totaling tens of millions of dollars for COVID relief and giving people some entertainment for all of us. With the return of some sports just around the corner, this is just what we needed to tide us over.

What were your thoughts on the event? Were you rooting for the eventual winners, or were you hoping for a crazy comeback by Mickelson and Brady? Let us know!

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Author: Mike Burvee

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