Drew’s Deep Dive: Week Four

It took me four weeks to be late on one of these posts. That’s great for a guy who slacks off on most things. It might be on time next week, might be late by a day, who knows. But here’s a look into my mind over the last week.

This Week:

  • The NHL announced that they will be sending the top 24 teams in the league to the playoffs. Each conference will play in one location and no fans will be in attendance. With all the explaining out of the way, I’m glad to see that I can be a Blue Jackets fan again. I “kinda” paid attention to hockey this season, more than I ever had before, but I’m really not a fan of the game. I do like it when teams that I support do well, so I’m ready for playoff hockey. Since Columbus is facing Toronto, it’ll be an added bonus when we beat the country of Canada. Moral of the story, Blue Jackets in 3.
  • Going over to the NBA, they have no idea what they’re doing. They might be playing in Orlando and that’s the only thing they somewhat know. I think you should just call the season at this point. They’re going to cut too many teams from the playoffs, and by the time the season gets back underway, free agency would have already started if they were on a normal schedule. Me wanting the season to end has nothing to do with my hatred of the Lakers, or the fact the Cavs have the number two spot in the lottery and I don’t want them to mess that up. No, I just think the NBA should call the season because it’s the right thing to do.
  • While sitting on the couch, as I’ve done for the past three months, I saw an infomercial that caught my eye. This product goes by three simple words: laser hair therapy. Basically, you wear this “baseball cap” for a few minutes a day and it is supposed to help regrow your hair, but I’m not buying it. The biggest thing I noticed while watching this commercial is the small font under every picture that says: “results may vary”. Not only that, but they also listed ZERO side effects in the commercial. Usually, in these too good to be true TV ads, they list a thousand side effects that could end up killing you, but these guys had none. So I did my own research, and it turns out that it is heavily proven to cause loss of eyesight. It might not cause death, but blindness isn’t the best thing to have happen. Even if I was going bald there’s no way you could get me to wear an x-ray machine on my head.


  • I don’t have any updates because I don’t know what happened with my book. So if you were dumb enough to think I would start reading, you’ll be very disappointed to hear that I did not.

That’s all I got for this weeks’ deep dive. Look out for what’s going on in my mind next week.

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