Spin Zoning the Browns Game

The Browns lost to the Ravens. I’m not ESPN, if you want to go find out what the score was, you can look somewhere else for that. I’m only here to spread good news and good vibes about the Browns. Here are all my good thoughts about the Browns week 1 loss.

We scored one touchdown. Last year against the 49ers, we didn’t score any touchdowns so there have been worse losses. We might have missed the extra point, but at least we had that one touchdown.

Another bit of good news, Baker Mayfield had 21 completions today! Last season, he only had 21 completions in 6 games, so he’s already burning past his killer numbers of last year. Not only that but his 53% completion percentage, (which may seem bad), was higher than it was in 5 other games last year. At this rate, he’s on his way to becoming a true Brett Favre prototype, just like the experts expected.

Speaking of superstars in the making, our pro-bowl running back averaged 6.0 yards per carry. All my other spin zones have been wildly sarcastic, but averaging 6 yards a pop is great; however, Nick Chubb only ran the ball 10 times. Head coach Kevin Stefanski was supposed to go establish the run this year, but our featured tail-back only ran the ball 10 times. TEN TIMES. Wait, am I supposed to be positive… At least Chubb only fumbled the ball once.

Speaking of fumbling, I have to acknowledge the risky play calling we’re apparently getting with Stefanski. With the Browns backed up near their own red zone, Jamie Gillan decided to take off for a fake punt on 4th and 5. The play design was great, but the execution resulted in Gillan’s execution.

One of the best parts of the Browns’ game was that I didn’t have to watch the Indians get thrashed by the Twins. Watching the Indians lose 6 in a row hasn’t been too fun, but since the Browns were on, I didn’t have to watch McKenzie blow a 3-0 lead!

Whatever the Browns did at practice this week, they should not do that for next weeks Thursday Night game. We might not be the best team in the NFL, but we should not get our doors blown off on primetime television versus the Bungles.

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