Affect vs Effect

I have horrific grammar. I’ve written nearly 200 blogs in my lifetime, but I still can’t grasp something as basic as using a colon or semicolon. I’d like to blame my high school English teachers for my maladroitness of the English language, but at one point or another, they taught me anything I could use to hone my blogging skills.

Luckily for me, I use Grammarly on all my blogs. For those who don’t know, it’s a built-in app that corrects your comma or semicolon usage on the fly. If you have my level of grammatical skills, I highly advise you to download this as soon as possible. No, they did not pay me to make this piece, but when your product is the only reason I’m a competent blogger, I have to give you some kudos.

So far, I’ve really trashed my capabilities to form a complete sentence, but my poor grammar only relates to a few things. One of them is the difference between then and than. I don’t think I’ve ever used the correct verbiage in a sentence, but Grammarly can fix that for me. It tells me when I’m wrong and it flips it to the proper term. I have no idea if this computer engine is correct or not, but its guess is much better then mine. (I decided to not correct my previous use of then, just to prove that I have no idea which to use.)

Unfortunately, Grammarly doesn’t check for the difference between affect and effect. This grammatical kerfuffle occurs far less frequently than the latter, but I have even less of an ability to tell the difference between these words. That’s why I just avoid it.

However, I recently learned that you can replace the words effect and affect with impact. This was life-changing for someone who lives by the motto of work smart, not hard. Since this epiphany, I don’t think I’ve used anything but impact to describe certain grammatical situations.

I thought I’d share this important tidbit of information I picked up recently, and hopefully, you can use it to avoid those annoying situations of poor grammar. Lastly, I just wanted to prove to all the English teachers in my life that said I was a bad writer that their hate did not impact my potential to make a killer blog. Use of impact intended.

Thank you for your time.

Author: Drew Thirion
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