Bad Beat of the Year

Sometimes, you can slowly feel a game just slip away. Other times, you’re completely blindsided by a team’s ineptitude to make a play. Today, I was blindsided by South Carolina.

When South Carolina took a 42-38 lead over Ole Miss early in the 4th quarter, I thought there was no way they don’t cover. They were +13.5 and their offense could not be stopped all game long. The Gamecock defense was weak all day, but you thought their offense would get the job done. That was a dumb assumption because Will Muschamp is their head coach.

Ole Miss started their next drive by muffing the kickoff and began with the ball at their own 9-yard line. The Rebels then proceeded to throw a hail mary two plays later and retook the lead.

No big deal, South Carolina was still covering and we got to see Lane Kiffin throw his clipboard 500 feet in the air. That play was objectively funny and there’s still no way South Carolina could blow this… until 6 minutes later when they give up another touchdown. Again, still not that big of a deal. They were down by 10 points, no way they don’t cover. Then things got really crazy.

South Carolina quickly got to 4th down deep in their own territory, so you’d think they’d just punt the ball back to Ole Miss, right? Wrong, they go for it and don’t get it. Ole Miss ball at the SC 25 yard line. I was pretty nervous right now, but all we need is one more stop. Luckily, the defense managed to get a stop and it was 4th and 11. Ole Miss can kick the field goal and South Carolina still covers. Orrrrrr, Lane Kiffin can go for it and get a touchdown. 59-42 Rebels.

South Carolina went on to get my hopes up one more time by getting all the way down to the Ole Miss 5 yard line, but of course, they didn’t score. Absolute tragedy.

Moral of the story, Lane Kiffin has zero class. He decided to run up the score for no reason and is creating a disgusting culture down at Ole Miss. (I actually love the Lane Train I’m just really upset right now.)

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Author: Drew Thirion
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