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HOLY CRAP THIS WAS INSANE. Cleveland Cavaliers GM, Koby Altman had his busiest day on the job. To catch everyone up, the Cavaliers traded away Iman Shumpert, Channing Frye (sadly), Jae Crowder, Derrick Rose, a disgruntled Dwayne Wade, and the midget, Isaiah Thomas. While it may seem the Cavs lost a lot, what they gained, more than made up for it. The Cavs acquired point guard George Hill, shooting guard Rodney Hood, point guard Jordan Clarkson, and power forward Larry Nance Jr. Whew, once this day started, everybody seemed glued to their phones, waiting for the next player to be moved. More importantly, the Cavs became championship contenders again, while also providing young talent, just in case LeBron takes his talents to South Beach again.

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The most important thing the Cavs fixed today was the point guard position. The Isaiah Thomas experiment was a terrible failure, he played zero defense, and his elite scoring was inexplicably absent. The NBA Average PER (Player Efficiency Rating) sits around 15. Isaiah Thomas had a PER less the 12. Just to throw a stat out there, LeBron has a PER of over 50! Not only was Isaiah awful on the court, he was an absolute locker room cancer. Every problem for the Cavs was somebody else’s fault. Mainly, Isaiah blamed Kevin Love for playing no defense. But do you know what’s the worst part? ISAIAH THOMAS IS THE LOWEST RATED DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF ALL TIME! There is not ONE, let me reiterate, ONE player in NBA history, to EVER be worse on the defensive end. Now that the Cavs have added an elite scorer in George Hill, and a lock down defender in Jordan Clarkson, the Cavs can stop playing 4 vs 5 on defense.

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Moving on, Larry Nance is coming into Cleveland with similar hype that Jae Crowder did. He is a player that can guard most players in a small ball lineup, knock down a mid range shot, and like his dad, he’s usually the most athletic person on the floor. At the moment, without Gordon Hayward, Boston truly does not scare me in a seven game series, because I still think we have favorable matchups against them in every position besides point guard (Cavs in 5). The Warriors on the other hand, still do; but, with the addition of Nance to the lineup, he can go out there and guard any person in the Warriors “Lineup of Death”. His added athleticism and defense will be key for Cleveland if they want a late playoff run.

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Then there’s Rodney Hood. To me, Hood is the wildcard of the bunch. With the other three players, you kinda know what your getting, Rodney is more of JR type player. Some nights, Hood is a lights out, can’t miss shooter. Then other days, Hood couldn’t put one in on a Little Tikes hoop. Hood seemed to be a locker room problem similar to JR in New York, but I trust that LeBron and company and turn him around, and get the best out of him. Hood will be vital to a championship run, so hopefully we get to see the best of him.

Cleveland fans got what we asked for. Altman sat down with LeBron and they got trades done. LeBron took the value of team over friendship, trading away D-Wade, and got younger team friendly contracts for years to come. Overall I really enjoy everything the Cavs accomplished at the deadline and I’m actually excited to see them all play.

As Always, GO CAVS

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