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The Masters, the premiere event on the PGA Tour. People flock from all across the globe to visit Augusta, Georgia, even if it’s just for one day. It’s truly the pinnacle of competition, and the winner can grow to super star levels of fandom; so why is Patrick Reed garnering so much hate for winning this event? He’s a jerk! You would think someone with the nickname Captain America would be loved by the United States crowd, but every time he’d finish a hole, only a mild applause would go around Augusta National. On the other hand, every time the PGA’s golden boy, Jordan Spieth, or Rickie Fowler birdied a hole, the entire course would go bezerk. Fowler and Spieth resemble everything we want out of an athlete: hard working, honorable, and obviously, quite talented. Patrick Reed exemplifies two of these qualities, but that man lacks any form of honor.

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First off, I’m not the only person to immensely dislike Patrick, even his sponsors at Nike don’t like him. They wouldn’t let him wear his classic red on Championship Sunday at the Masters. There’s this Tiger Woods guy whose been wearing red every Sunday since 1997 and Nike didn’t want Reed to copy him. Patrick has been wearing red ever since he broke into the PGA Tour in 2014, but that’s nothing compared to the modern day king of golf, Tiger Woods.

Patrick Reed is the new bad guy of golf. His villainous qualities date back to his collegiate days at Georgia. During a qualifying tournament, Reed hit a ball deep into the rough. Miraculously, he found another ball near the fairway and was planning to hit it. After his teammates called him out, he pleaded that it was just an accident. His own coach would even go on record saying that Reed was most definitely a cheater and had been caught on more than one occasion moving his lie, using “mistaken” balls, and not writing his correct score. Although he can’t cheat in PGA events, the precedent had already been set. Also while attending Georgia, Reed stole over $400 dollars from his teammates lockers, and when they confronted him, he stated that he heckled a professor out of the cash. Those same students asked the professor about the bet, and the professor had no idea what Reed was talking about.

Not only does Reed cheat and steal, he is just an all around obnoxious guy. Disregarding the fact that he hates signing autographs, he completely ignores his fans. There was something I realized while watching the Masters. Everytime Rickie Fowler, Rory Mcilroy, or Jordan Spieth walk to each hole, they always go out of their way to high-five fans. How about Reed? Nope! He puts his head down and walks on by. I only noticed this after the 9th hole, so maybe Reed was just trying to stay cool under pressure… or he’s just a jerk, I’m going with the latter.

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The more I learn about Reed, the less I like the guy. A lot of stories about Patrick just seem untrue, so I’ve found some anecdotes with tons of background information and reliable sources. I would never want to falsely slander someone’s name, but this guy easily puts it on himself. Nobody wanted Reed to win the Masters, especially when he beat out two of the most beloved players in golf.

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