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Since our “ex-king” left for the crappy city of Los Angeles, his poster on the Sherwin-Williams company wall has been taken down. Everyone has their input on what should replace LeBron, but I think the solution is quite simple. A certain 24 year old from Puerto Rico with a boisterous personality, and an infectious smile would be a perfect fit for the the wall. Francisco Lindor stands for everything the people of Cleveland believe in, and that’s why I believe he should be the next face of Cleveland.

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Lindor doesn’t suck at baseball. He might not be the best player on the Indians, but he’s for sure the best shortstop in the majors. His Platinum Glove winning defense, and Silver Slugging bat is unlike any player in baseball. Less than 5 players in Major League History have ever won a Silver Slugger and a Platinum Glove, and Francisco Lindor is one of them.This year, Lindor has been hitting at a historic rate. Other than Alex ROIDriguez, no shortstop in the modern era has been an elite defender and a 40 HR hitter. In fact, not many shortstops have even hit 40+ home runs. With the pace Lindor is on right now, he is predicted to finish this year with 43 dingers.

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The face of Cleveland has to have two things: talent and swagger. Lindor has both. Starting back with his powder tosses, tomahawk slams, and chase-down blocks; LeBron James was someone you always had to watch. Every Cavs game was can’t miss TV because LeBron could always pull off something historic. It’s now that way with Lindor. Every ball hit on the left side of the field has a chance to be on the “ESPN Top 10” due to Lindor’s insane range and speed. That’s not even putting into consideration all of the towering home run’s Lindor seems to hit. What makes these plays so memorable is Frankie’s celebrations. Whenever he makes a big play, he always makes sure everyone in the stadium knows how cool that was. His screams and absurd hand shakes are very reminiscent of LeBron, and he’s the perfect fit.


Lindor has all the tools necessary to be on a billboard, and loyalty should be a final factor. Frankie still has a few years on his contract, but soon enough, he’ll be in line for a 100 million dollar plus contract. Well, what’s a better way to insure a player to stay in your city then having a ginormous poster of them! The huge poster didn’t work for LeBron… twice, but Lindor is a different animal. The Indians are a winning organization and have gotten winning talent to surround him so he should have no reason to leave. Finally, Francisco Lindor’s main sponsor, New Balance, is looking for a face of their organization. Sponsoring the poster would prove that Lindor is their main man.


We all know Frankie isn’t the GOAT of his sport, but he’s the best we have. The LeBron era is over, and it’s time to revitalize a once great Indians fan base.

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