How to Fill the Void Sports left

Let me just start off by saying Coronavirus sucks. It’s obvious but I needed to say it. I thought COVID-19 had already punished me enough by taking away my favorite holiday season, March Madness, but then it went and took everything else. I’m no scientist but supposedly taking away everything that’s fun in life should flatten this curve. I don’t really know what this curve is but I’ll listen to these scientists if it gets me sports back quicker.

Well, for now, I have to do something. I’m a huge fan of staying locked away in my house and doing absolutely nothing but watching sports; however, even I have my limits on how much Netflix that I can watch. Also, I HATE watching reruns of old games. As a Cleveland fan, there aren’t too many championship games to go watch, and I’ve already replayed the 2016 NBA Finals highlights a few hundred times. Then I found something fresh and new, marble racing.

Yes, I will admit it sounds very stupid. You might wonder how marble racing could be exciting, or even what marble racing is, but let me tell you it’s an electric factory.

Above is a race from the YouTube channel, Jelle’s Marble Runs. He has an actual marble racing league. He keeps complete stats of every race, which makes it even better. Not only does he keep stats, but every race is on a different track, so it always feels like something new. Next, each race switches between multiple camera angles and manages to get a better view of the action then the pathetic shots provided by NFL replay crews. Finally, to add on to all of that action, Jelle, or whatever his name actually is, adds elite commentary to each race and adds ten times more excitement than boring old Joe Buck.

Everything mentioned above is great, but there’s only one reason to watch some random guy commentate on moving marbles, and that’s to bet on them. It takes zero skill, yet will keep everyone excited. Your marble can go from first to last in the blink of an eye, and it’s exhilarating. Whether it’s just for fun or putting down some serious cash, betting on marble racing is great for everyone.

So that’s about everything fun that I can think of during this social distancing. If you have anything else to pass time the time during Corona season, leave it in the comments below.

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Author: Drew Thirion
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