Tom Brady: Selfless or Crazy Person?

By now everyone knows that Tom Brady will not return to New England, and will instead be joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020, barring the season be played. This may have come as a shock but I for one think it’s awesome. I love this time of the year where entire teams get completely flipped on their heads and the entire roster gets changed. It’s so nice to see the playing field leveled for some organizations. However, don’t let that distract you from the demand Tom Brady gave the Buccaneers organization prior to signing with them.

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Per the Tampa Bay Times, Tom Brady requested very few things when in contract discussions with the Buccaneers. He didn’t ask for control of the offense, he didn’t ask for any players to be brought in around him, he didn’t even ask for to wear the number 12 (currently belonging to Godwin). No, the only thing Tommy Boy asked for was “the phone numbers of every one of his teammates.”

Unreal. The phone numbers Tom? Really? Some of the Tom Brady stans in the world are going to read this and think, “Wow, what a selfless man, such a leader.” Hell, I did myself for a moment. The guy isn’t even concerned about anything other than building rapport with teammates. But if you don’t see that this is the biggest PR move of all time, you’re as naive as my in-laws thinking COVID-19 was a government conspiracy.

Tom Brady is the most calculated QB of all time. I mean, his track record shows this. He’s the winningest QB of all time, 6-time Super Bowl champion, 4-time Super Bowl MVP, and husband to a smoking-hot wife. If you don’t believe that every move both on *and* off the football field is calculated then you’re a dink. Tom 100% pulled this move because he absolutely knew it was going to pull a ton of media attention and it did. He had the world eating right out of his hands and it is by far the best thing you could do for a city like Tampa Bay, who I’m still not convinced isn’t ground zero for this whole COVID-19 pandemic.

More from this article came out and it said that Tom wanted to “get to know his weapons and how they were as people, were they good guys?” *eye roll*. Good lord, really Tom? You care if Mike Evans is a good guy? Hmm, didn’t see that same type of concern when you were throwing TD after TD to Aaron Hernandez, or maybe when you got some practice reps in with Antonio Brown? Hmm, wonder how good those guys were.

Listen, I love Tom Brady and I 100% think he is a good guy and an amazing QB (the best), but let’s not pretend that this was real in any sense. Anyway, I gotta go watch Baker do half push-ups and cry myself to sleep.

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